Monday, September 3, 2012

There are no pumpkin costumes for my little nephew this Halloween.  No, ma'am.  This lil' dude is going to be the cutest bacon and eggs ever.  

After seeing this idea on Pinterest I just knew it was the perfect costume for Grant.
Baby Costume Toddler Costume Halloween Costume Egg With Bacon
The problem is that I didn't want to spend $60 on something I knew I could make.  And because I'm a giver, I'm sharing a tutorial with you all so you can make a costume for your little one.

So, off to the fabric store Sis and I went to buy the supplies.  Before you buy your materials, measure your little tyke.  Grant measured 18" from shoulders to knees, 9" from shoulder to shoulder and about 4-5" 'deep'.
Supplies you'll need (based on Grant's measurements):
1/2 yard white felt
1/3 yard maroon felt
1/3 yard cream felt
1 sheet of golden felt
thin batting (less than a yard, I used scraps from a previous project)
threads to match
the usual sewing machine, scissors, etc.

I started by tracing a bowl for the yolk circles and cutting them out.
Keep the felt folded in half so you'll have a matching set of "whites" for each egg.  Place the yolk on the white felt so you'll have a size reference.  I marked out 18" so I knew how long to make my eggs and then free-handed the egg shapes.  Repeat this step for the second set of egg pieces. 
This is what I had to work with, a set of egg pieces for the front and one for the back.
I cut two layers of batting in circles smaller than the yolk for each egg to give it some poof.
I cut two layers of batting for the egg whites for each set.
For the ties, I cut 4 pieces 12" long for the shoulder ties and 2 pieces 24" long for the waist ties.
Once I had all my pieces cut I moved on to sewing them together.  I started by sewing the yolk to each egg.
It helps if you have a cat like Luna to "supervise" yet another projects.
I measured 9" down from the top center of back piece of each of the eggs to sew the waist.  I sewed down a total of 9" of the ribbon leaving the rest loose for ties.
 I moved on to sewing the eggs.  I pinned two shoulder tie ribbons to the inside of the egg pieces with right sides together.  I knew Grant's shoulders were 9" wide so I put the ribbons 1.5" in from that so the ties would sit perfectly on each shoulder.  I left some extra hanging out so they'd be nice and strong.
I pinned the batting on top and sewed around the edges leaving an opening to turn the eggs right side out.
Once the eggs were right side out, I pinned the opening closed and top stitched around the edge of the entire egg.  This gave the egg some stability.  Repeat all of these steps for the other egg.
Now, on to the bacon hat.  I cut several strips of random wiggly maroon pieces for the bacon and skinny wiggly pieces for the bacon fat.
 I sewed the cream strips randomly to the maroon strips to form strips of bacon.  Luna was once again on supervisory duty.  How on earth do I get anything done without her watchful eyes?
I made 10 strips total.  Pretty awesome felt bacon, right?  I thought so.
 I used one of Grant's ball caps as the foundation of the bacon hat.  This helped form a hat just the right size. I hot glued 9 of the strips to cover the hat completely.
Below you have the finished costume! Now all Sis and Chris need is a white shirt and some jeans.  
The last thing I needed to do was head over to see the lil' dude and give the costume a trial run complete with his trick or treat bag (info on that can be found here).
 The best parts about this costume are that it goes on so easily and how freely Grant can move around.  
What do you think?  What are you dressing yourself or your little ones up for this Halloween?

Oh, and how do you like the new blog design? I decided I would use a Halloween theme partly because I'm sharing Halloween ideas now so you will have time to make your own if you'd like and partly because I am desperate to decorate my house but refuse to until closer to October.

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  1. What a cute costume! If only my girls were small again! I found you on the linky.

    Teaching Fourth

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    Bonny @

  6. Adorable! I found you through I should be mopping the floor.
    When he's done with the costume - you could flip the eggs over and use them for clouds. Maybe in a kids room or something? Thank you for sharing!

  7. this is sooooooo cute, Jen. so cute. I love the bacon hat. Yep, the vegetarian likes the bacon hat. shoot me.

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  16. That is a Awesome Halloween costume for this cute baby.


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