Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh, child.  
Nothing makes a girl feel like she's 
a kid again like my Saturday night.  

Picture taken by Chris Baughman
That's a lie.  Swinging on a swing with your grown sister and one year old nephew makes you feel like a kid again too, but, back on topic...

You see, I had a scheduling conflict.  When Papa comes to town I drop everything. He works out of state so I don't get to see him very often.  He was staying with me this weekend, but it was also Miss Megan's birthday party Saturday night and I didn't want to miss the fun.  

When I learned of the conflict I called Papa.  I explained and said I knew he'd probably be asleep before the party at 9:30pm, but I wanted to make sure he'd be ok if I left.  He said that was perfectly fine with him.
I love my Papa.

So, Saturday rolls around.  
I'm getting ready to go out.  

Bill was going too and he offered to pick me up.  He had never met Papa before so I asked him if he wanted to pop in and say hi.  It was great having my bestie meet my Papa and vice versa.  They both hear about each other, but now they have faces to go with the names.  

Here's where I suddenly felt 16 again.

1) Bill came to pick me up
2) He came in to meet my parent before I left.

(this is the best part)

3) When we pulled up to the house at 12:30am, the house was dark...
until I got out of the car and saw the kitchen light come on.  

I whipped around and whispered to Bill, "SHIT!  Papa's awake!"  
To which Bill replied, "Yes, and you're 35. Get your ass in YOUR house."  

That's when I snapped out of it.  
I stood a little taller and went inside.
I felt so silly.

The weirdest part of this is Papa waking up 5 minutes before I got home.  He lived in another state while I was a teenager so he wasn't there when my Mom used to do the same thing.  
How do parents do that?!  
And why when their kid isn't a kid anymore?!  
It's freaky!

Do your parents still have the ability to make you feel like a kid again?



  1. That is so FUNNY!!! I don't know if it's that he flipped on the kitchen light or that you got all nervous about it...but that is precious. :)

  2. Haha too funny. Are you sure this wasn't a coincidence. My parents don't wake up when I come home anymore. Snores all the way

  3. I can't read your posts anymore at work. People think I'm crazy when I laugh at the computer. BTW - Are you grounded?

  4. You are FUNNY!



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