Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We all know Halloween holds a special place in my heart.
LOVE the holiday.
Most years, I wait until October 1st before I do any decorating,
but this year I've been itching to decorate early.

Have you seen a Halloween Tree before? 
If not, swing by my place and you'll see a lovely one.
Sis and Chris picked me up this orange pre-lit tree as a thank you for watching Grant on Thursday nights. 
I get time with my nephew AND a Halloween Tree? 
Talk about a lucky girl.

I've had the tree for a few weeks, but had resisted putting it up so early...until this weekend.  Because, let's face it, putting up the first of the Halloween decorations is MUCH more fun than studying for a Macroeconomics exam. (I know I'll regret that choice later this week as the exam looms closer, but until then, I'm so glad I put up the tree!)

I started out by wrapping some orange ribbon and black tulle around the tree for garland.  I also used strips of some green scrap fabric to tie to the ends of some of the branches to give it a little more dimension and color.  I also wrapped some scrap black fabric around the base for a tree skirt.
Every year my Auntie P, my mom's sister, sends me some sort of witch in honor of my mom since her birthday was Halloween.  I decided the witch's hat would be a perfect topper combined with a "Boo to you" sign I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby for $2.00.
When my sweet friend, April, got wind of my plans for a Halloween Tree, she brought me these three adorable Halloween ornaments.  That baby girl is just so darn thoughtful.
Isn't she the sweetest?

Did you notice the ghost cupcake at the bottom of the last picture?
Mom and I used to collect Christopher Radko Halloween and Christmas ornaments together. That was one of them.  Here are two more.
I love blown glass ornaments almost as much as I love Halloween.
True story.

Included in the tree is also one of my favorite bats Mom and I had gotten at a craft fair.
You can see in the top left corner of this picture that I used some solid black ornaments from Garden Ridge for filler ornaments. I used black pipe cleaners to attach them to the tree.

Here's another witch Auntie P has sent to me.
She's just too darn thoughtful too. 
I love each and every one of the witches she's sent me.
I also love her.
She's one amazing auntie.
I can't wait for her visit in 15 days.
Not that I'm counting or anything. 

So, I guess you could say I especially love this tree because it not only reminds me of my mom, but it has so many memories and reminders of wonderful people in my life.
Yep, I'm one lucky gal.

Didn't the tree turn out great?

I also can't wait to put out some of my other decorations.
This was the front of my house last year.
You can see some of last year's Halloween here and here.

Have you ever put up a tree for a holiday other than Christmas before?
If so, what holiday and how did you decorate the tree?

PS: Thank you to all of you gals who helped me
reach the 100 GFC follower mark!!
You gals are the very, very best!

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  1. Love love love that Halloween tree!!

  2. LOVE this! I have a Halloween tree too! Mine is a sparkly purple color! You've inspired me to put it up this week!:)

  3. Well I wish I was a kid in your town. I'd go bat shit crazy over all of these decorations. Pretty damn awesome.

  4. I am super pissed because my office is MAKING me dress up for Halloween. MAKING ME.

    I do not like when strangers look at me.

    Girl, you are so crafty n' stuff. i knew this already, but still. clever little crafter. that's really what your blog should be called.

  5. I LOVE your Halloween tree! I love all your craftiness, you are very creative miss!

    One year I refused to take down my x-mas tree until Valentines day [the hubs was not too happy about it]... Does that count? :)

  6. Oh my gosh, you're decorations are ADORABLE! I love all things Halloween and I can't stop buying more decorations anytime I go out. Garden Ridge will be the death of me!

  7. Super cute!! I'm making a harvest tree that you can see on my blog!! I'm now following you, and would love for you to follow back!! =) Deanna


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