Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can one have enough tulle in their life?  No.  The correct answer is no.  Ever since making my Steelers wreath, I've been wondering what other fluffy wonders I can make as we head into the holiday seasons.  

Here's said Steelers wreath.  (You can find my tutorial here.)
I've had numerous people ask me to sell them.  
That may just be in the works.  
Would you buy a sports or holiday themed wreath from me?

Any who, the first holiday up to bat is Halloween.  
I know. I know. I already have my Halloween blog design up 
(which will change next month just to keep it saucy around here).  
But I wanted to get this made so it can go up ASAP.  
I actually made two, one for me and one for Sis.  
Yes, she's only lucky girl!

So, here are the close ups of the center.  Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I used a black silk flower, a feather accent thingy, glittered bat sticker type things, and that purple thing that looked so much like branches I made it a tree.  (Thingy is a technical crafting term in my world.)  
The rest of the flowers were made with strips of scrap fabric.  (The link to that tutorial is in my Steelers wreath tutorial link above.)
She ended up measuring about 25" across and she can be as fluffy as you want her to be.  You can scrunch the tulle up and it becomes puffier than Snooki's poof.  
What do you think?  Help me gauge the interest in selling them.  
Would you buy one of these from me?
Depending on how detailed they are, I'm thinking $50.
I could do smaller wreaths for a lower price too.
Trust me, they're gorgeous in person and worth every penny.
Be honest.  You don't have to say yes just to win me over.

Think sports teams.  Think baby's nursery.
Think holidays.  Think school colors.

Update: Ok, so I have the wreath for Sis in my office 

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  1. They are so darn cute!!! I would so buy one from you....Halloween and a Baylor one if you would be so daring!! :)

    I swear I wish some of your creative powers could be boxed up and sold!!


    1. Thanks, love! I'm thinking about starting an etsy store in the near future. I'll keep you posted. I wish kids' energy could be bottled too. If we figure out how to do both we'd be set!

  2. I would love to see a TU one, Jen! --Megan

  3. Oh laws.

    the steelers wreath.

    I lived in Pennsylvania for a few years. it's a damn religion. people paint their garages.. their cars.. and I wish I were kidding.

    1. Look who's commenting about FOOTBALL. Oh hey, that'd just be Shay.

      Who are you?

    2. That's because Steelers fans are real fans. Bam!

  4. "thingy" is totally a word. always.

    I would buy a wreath if I could think of an amazing reason for one...

    1. I have an and The Prince make a baby and I'll send you a wreath to match the nursery. Oh, and then they should be called the Princess of Everything.

  5. You're killin' it with these things. You go girl. And I love this new Halloweeny design, it just makes me so excited inside.

    1. Thanks! Wait until you see the Halloween tree I'm putting up this year!!

  6. Love the contrast between the details of the combination at the edge of the circle and the floatiness of the tulle thingys! :) Also a big fan of the dots and colors of the Halloween design on the blog!

  7. These are darling! You have done a great job on them!

  8. The answer is "no" there cannot be too much tulle in the world. I have been wanting to make a tulle wreath myself. Yours turned out cute!

    If you get a chance I would love for you to come link up your tutorial at my Fall Edition Pin Party.

    1. Done and done! Thanks, Sarah. Can't wait to link up again in the future. :)

  9. Eye candy!
    Dropping in from Creative Me Linky Party

  10. love this idea and I have lots of tulle in my collection. thanks for sharing


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