Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I know as parents/pet parents, 
we're not supposed to have favorites.  

Today, that is changing.
I'm throwing caution to the wind and declaring a favorite critter.

You see, I'm terribly sick.  
That's why I haven't been out and about in the real world or in the blog world.  I want nothing to do with anyone when my cough sounds like a seal barking.  
Good news, I'm not going to die.  So, that's a plus.  

Larry, my normally sweet boy cat, is soooooooo annoyed with me.  
This isn't even the best expression he's given me.  It's more of a "Do you mind??!"  or "Could you please do that coughing in another room? I'm sleeping here."  He could care less as long as I don't wiggle the bed or the couch.

Now, Luna on the other hand?  She hasn't left my side today.  She's snuggled with me, napped with me, and has been by my side all day long.

She doesn't care how often I cough. How loud I cough.  
She's right there by my side.
This folks, is why she's been declared my favorite critter!  
We'll see where the wind takes us tomorrow.

I'll be back to regular programming when I'm back among the living.



  1. hahahaha awwwww, Luna is such a sweet girl. Love her right now, for sticking with you while you're working on getting better!

    Larry, on the other hand? ASSHOLE.

    (for the moment)

    1. He's still being a bit of an ahole. I'm trying to love him through it. Luna on the other hand, still a little lover. She won favorite three days in a row. She's on a winning streak.

  2. Well I'm so glad you're not dying but I would enjoy having you back in my land. Please and thank you my dear. Feel better seal!

    1. Thank you, ma'am. Seal is on the mend. Still coughing like one, but starting to get the sass back.

  3. And you like cats.

    so basically I'm so much cooler.

    1. PS: Luna acts like a dog including meeting me at the door every day and playing fetch so basically, Luna just schooled you.


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