Friday, September 21, 2012

My family, my friends, my blog friends, 
my coworkers, so basically everybody, keeps telling me 
I need to open a store and sell my magical, lovely creations.  

After doing some research, I opted to go with Storenvy over Etsy. 
Say it ain't so!
Storenvy has a large "handcrafted" section...right up my alley.
Also, as much as Etsy is recognized, 
they charge a rather high percentage of each sale.
Storenvy doesn't charge any fees. Win!
I don't want to raise my prices to save you all some precious bucks.
I'm a giver like that.
You're welcome.

Well, wait no longer.

Let me introduce you to my Storenvy store...Jazzy Jen's!
Complete with jazz hands!
(I think The Management over at A Prince and Prozac jumped up
and down when I loved her suggestion of "Jazzy Jen's."
I jumped up and down when I realized I'd be able to
incorporate jazz hands into the logo. Win win.)

Wonder how you can find Jazzy Jen's?
You can get there by clicking here
You can also find me at the following address:
You can click on that little store icon to the right.
You can also find the new facebook page here.

Now, go to those pages, "Like" Jazzy Jen's, and spread the word!
Pretty please.
Pretty please with sugar and tulle on top.
You know you want to.

For now, I'll be focusing on the tulle wreaths I've been making.
They are all listed as "coming soon" while I get some orders fulfilled.
I'll give you all a heads up when they officially go live.

In the meantime, here are two more wreaths I finished.
These were made for my very first paying customer. 
She requested a large Mardi Gras wreath and a large wreath for her daughter in her sorority's colors.

She was very pleased with how they came out which made me very happy.

Now, don't dilly dally, get on over and like those pages.
I promise not to flood your feeds.
Have a delightful weekend.

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  2. HA...I had to delete my first comment and try typing was not very good on the first one. I must proof read BEFORE I hit that publish button!!

    Love that you have a store...will be saving my funny money to buy one...and I LOVE the jazz hands...who doesn't love jazz hands!!

  3. WOOOHOOOO. So excited for you!


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