Friday, September 14, 2012

Earlier today, I wrote a lovely post about SOME random things I am thankful for.  Facebook, and by Facebook I really mean the following people, reminded of a few more, so, here they are:

** Kelly for sending me emails to check on me while I was sick even though she was sick and even though she's been pissy because I didn't list her on the other post but I'm posting now because she's so thoughtful even though she was whiny.  (I love a good run on sentence to prove a point.)

**  April for making this comment on my Facebook page when she wasn't on the initial post: "Thank you, Jen. Not seeing my name on your list really pepped up my day.  Don't forget to come to my house on Christmas Eve and burn down my Christmas tree too.  PS: Lynn is crying."  I called her and couldn't speak I was laughing so hard.  I also love April for being so very thoughtful.  She gave me a present you all will be hearing MUCH more about next week.  Eeeeee!

**  Bill gets another mention for following up all the comments with "Tee hee, I made the list! But I will sell my seat to the highest bidder."  Such a whore.  

So, basically I'm thankful for funny people this afternoon.  
Funny Weekend Ecard: I haven't been this excited about a Friday, since last Friday.
Now, let's go get our weekend on!



  1. Ha! I love you called your friend a whore... That made my Saturday morning beer flu so much better!

    1. Beer flu? LOVE! Yes, he is a whore. I'm sure I called him much worse while we were out Saturday night.


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