Monday, September 24, 2012

There are so many shepherd's pie recipes that it's hard to call one original.
I'm sure there are 100's of recipes just like it out there.
But this one really was me winging it in the kitchen with what I had.  
No Pinterest.  
No recipe searches.  
Just me.

And I must say, these ended up being my most delicious cup recipe yet!

1 lb. ground beef
1/2 small onion, diced
1 jar beef gravy
Mashed potato pouch
1 box w/ 2 pie crusts
Frozen peas/carrots
1/2 cup shredded cheese

Prepare the mashed potatoes according to the pouch instructions.  
(I use the simple kind that just required adding 2 cups boiling water.)

Brown hamburger meat with diced onion and whatever seasonings you prefer.
(I always add black pepper and some Paula Deen's House Seasoning.)
 Stir in the gravy and heat until bubbly.
 Remove from heat and let cool a bit while you prepare the muffin tins.

Cut circles of dough a little bigger than the size of the cup.
(I used a tumbler and it worked well.)
 Press the circles into the bottom of cup.
Fill each cup with a scoop of beef mixture, frozen veggies, some cheese and a spoon full of mashed potatoes.
There wasn't enough dough to cut another 12 circles, so I used a smaller glass to cut 12 small circles.  I cut several slits in each piece of dough.  The allows venting, but it also allows the dough to stretch and cover the cups.
 Brush the top of each cup with an egg wash.
(I also added a bit of fresh ground pepper to the tops.)
 Bake at 350* for about 45 minutes or until 
the crust is crispy and golden brown.

Now, it always helps if you have a sweet tabby cat supervising to make sure you did everything correctly.
Luna is so silly.  She knows the cart at the end of the counter is as far as she's allowed to go so she sits there and watches every move I make, never once leaving her spot.

Now, go out and give these a try. 
They are delicious!!
Let's face it, the best part of any pie is the crust,
and this has plenty of crust. 

Click on the tag "Cup Creations" at the top 
of this post to find some of my other cup recipes.  

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  1. Can you add a tab so we can print just the recipe, like some of the other foody blogs have? I want this recipe for sure!

  2. Whaaat! That looks delicious! Way to go on wingin' it! If I ever attempted cook a meal without directions my kitchen would go up in flames.

  3. Shut the front door this is what I made yesterday and just got on my computer to type up a recipe post! Minus the cups. Those have your name written all over them. Mine was just in a traditional boring pan. I LOVE Shep Pie!

  4. Fabulous idea. muffin tins are the best ever! These would be great to freeze and eat for lunch later. thanks for the great recipe

  5. Great idea! Sheperds Pie is one of my favorites. Nice small portions so that you can have more later. I wonder if they freeze well? Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays.

  6. I am making these this week! Thanks for the pix, but now I'm starving!!

  7. oh my gosh!!! I LOVE shepards pie- so perfect for fall and winter. i will definitely be doing these mini pies- although i can probably eat 5! haha. im a new follower from "i freakin did it friday". come by and visit me too when you get a chance.

  8. Being British , I just Love Shepherd Pie, thanks for sharing, I saw this on Little becky Homecky :)


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