Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Somebody got her craftying on this weekend and by somebody I mean me.  
Not only did Papa come for a visit this weekend, 
Papa with his favorite buckaroo, Grant.
but it was also Megan's birthday.  
Megan, Sarah and myself at the Wynonna
concert from earlier this year.
Megan and I both work for The University of Tulsa.  
When she saw my tulle wreath creations, she requested a TU wreath.  
Well, what to get the birthday girl but just what she asked for, of course!
Miss Megan is the first ever recipient of a TU wreath!
I wish I could have gotten video of her opening her present.  She put her hand on the bag, stopped and asked, "Is this a homemade present?!"  When I said yes she dove into the tissue paper.  When she saw the TU colors she literally jumped up and down.  It was great. 

Friday night, Sis went with me shopping for wreath supplies.  
In true sisterly fashion, we got a little slap happy.  
She kept taking giant ornaments off the hooks and putting them on her head.  
She's crazy and I love every minute of it.

After everyone had left for the weekend, I decided to tackle Dyan's birthday present.  When I asked her if she'd like one of these for her birthday she said, "YES!"  I was excited when she requested a Christmas wreath.  Her's turned out so great. 

I can't wait to finish up some of my new customer orders! 
Yes, you read that right. 
This girl is making these wreaths and selling them.  
They will be coming to an online store near you.
There are Mardi Gras, sorority, personalized nursery, OU and more TU wreaths on tap.  The possibilities are endless.
I'm so excited.

My other tulle wreath creations:

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  1. I am so excited you are making a store!! YEAH!! :)

    Looks like you are had a GREAT visit and I love the picture of your sister with hair "decor"...very fashionable!

  2. Finally with the store idea. You're going to be one busy lady!

  3. oh jen they look so awesome!

    can't wait for the unveiling of your fabulous new store name ;)

  4. I really did jump up and down like a fool... but it was the most exciting moment! Best birthday gift! Thanks sexy britches, you are amazing! So glad you came out Saturday night! Love, love, love my wreath!! XO, Megan

  5. Oh my you are so stinkin talented! They are all so so cute! I will definitely have to hit up your store!


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