Monday, September 17, 2012

I am no longer a blog swap virgin and boy did Alissa show me a good time!
Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe how she made me feel when I opened up the package from her.  Not two, not three, but six nail polishes?  Spoiled indeed.  

lala Lists

When I first signed up with Lala Lists and Lipgloss and Crayons I had to list a one word preference.  I put my nail preference as "metallic" because I love the glitters and metallic polishes.  I have to say, Alissa nailed it.  Ha. Nailed it!  Get it?  Ok, I'll stop.

The first polish I tried was the brownish green by Nicole.
This was the perfect color to try the football idea I'd seen on Pinterest just in time for football season to start.

I loved the mix of Elf polishes.

I decided to try these two together with another style I'd seen on Pinterest where you just glitter the tips of your nails so it looks like the glitter is falling down the nail.

And then last night I realized I didn't have any polish on and couldn't blog about my polish swap without having one of them on my little digits so I gave this Essie polish a try...
 and love it!
I'm also no longer an Essie virgin.
I've always been a loyal OPI gal, but have been branching out lately.  I am now also an Essie fan.

On a side note, Alissa and I both sent a little of our own preference to the other in a mix of what they liked.  She asked for nude so I sent her two nudes and a pink glitter so she could jazz up her nudes if she was in the mood.  She sent me all these metallics and included a nude for me to try if I was in the mood.  How crazy is that?  I had a great time and have loved getting to know Alissa on her blog.  (Check out what I sent her here.)

Now, go see Alissa.  She's a college student in Kansas with so much  style and sass.  After you visit her, head on over here and see all the other great polish swap reveals.  



  1. Holy cow! Seriously, you did so much more with these than I ever though possible! I was so nervous that you wouldn't like the polishes that I just kept buying and buying, haha! I am so glad that you loved them!

    1. I'm really loving the single coat of pink glitter. Sheer yet fancy. It's like my nails went to a party. LOL! Love them!

  2. What a generous swap! I love all of the colors especially the Nicole brownish green.

    1. I know, right?! I was super spoiled. The Nicole also lasted the longest. :) Thanks for stopping in!

  3. SO Cute!!! I agree with you...the polish swap was so much fun. I really hope they do it again!! :)

    Also...LOVE the football nails!

    1. Alissa made it so much fun. I'm glad your's went well too! Thanks, all credit goes to someone on Pinterst for that one. :)

  4. I love those football nails, so cute!!!


    1. Thanks, Carly! Also, thanks for hosting. Such a great first swap experience.

  5. SO MUCH PRETTINESS!!! thanks so much for swapping with us!

    (ps- did you know that when you reply here, the commenters dont get notified? you have to email them!)


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