Monday, September 24, 2012

Two posts in one day?
You're welcome.

I'm participating in SITS Girls' Fall Back Into Blogging this week.
This means you all get a little something extra.
You're so lucky.
Today's writing prompt was to share some sort of school story.
Be it you, your kids, anything.

When I think about school stories I immediately think about grade school for some reason.  Maybe I blocked all the other years out?  Probably.

The first memory that came to mind for me was moving to Seattle when I was 6, about to turn 7.  We had lived in South Carolina for over 3 years.  Now, count back from 6 and you'll see I learned to talk while living deep in the south.  Yes, this means I spoke with the slowest, thickest southern drawl you can ever imagine.

Now, imagine taking this little girl...
Yes, that's me in the pink shirt with the high water
 pants, socks, sandals and thick thick bangs.
...who came home from day care one day saying,
"Mahmmmah, mahmmmma, 
I got miyyy owwn cuuuuuubbyyyy."

I'm talking thick accent.

Then transplant her to the Pacific North West where people speak normally.  All the kids in my 1st grade class AND my teachers used to ask me where I was from just so they could hear me say, "Chaarrrlestoooonn, Souuuttthhhh Caaaarrrrooooollliiiinnnnaah."

It was horrible!
But kinda funny now that I look back on it.

So, needless to say, since living in Oklahoma, 
I've DREADED picking up any kind of accent.  
This story is why.

Thanks, South Carolina and your slow southern dialect, 
 but this girl refuses to fall victim twice.

I like to think it went away quickly. 
At least by 2nd grade.
Speaking of 2nd grade, here's my class picture. 
(I'm in the front, 4th from the left in the white skirt, purple top and my bangs parted down the middle. I can always tell when Papa was home for picture days because our bangs are clipped back. He HATED hair in our face.)

I swear Washington is a happy place. 
I have no idea why only about 3 of us were smiling.

What did kids make fun of you for?



  1. I'm loving those old school class photos! I think I rocked a few of those dresses!

  2. I really want to meet first-grade you.

  3. How adorable!! You were so totally cute!! :)

  4. I cannot get over that 1st grade outfit. Priceless!

  5. my mother's family is from colorado. she'll tell you she's from colorado, even though she went to high school and college and lived more of her life in texas. she married a good ole, small-town texas country boy who happened to play football and be a musician. one who's always SO happy to be back in texas when we've gone to visit her family. whenever we crossed the border from texas to new mexico, she'd toot the horn happily to be out of it. and when we got to colorado, she'd honk it again. and my father would toot it when we got back. and i'm rambling. anyway. one time we stopped at a gas station in pueblo or trinidad or some such place, just inside the colorado border, and the attendant chatted with my parents, brothers and i. my mother opens her mouth to speak, and he asks her, not any of us, but her, if she's from texas. she was unthrilled.

    and when i was in school in missouri... i never realized my accent was quite so prevalent until i go there.

  6. Lol, first of all - that southern accent is adorable!! Lol i HOPE my little girl has a sweet southern accent (seeing as i live in SC and if i have kids here then yes she will). And ur were SUCH A CUTE KID!!!!!!!! Awww i love it! And that short skirt in the front? Risque i see!! lol. Cute story.


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