Friday, September 28, 2012

The Tulsa State Fair is upon us!

(Can we just take a moment to discuss why it's called a "state" fair? 
Tulsa is not a state.
It's not the only fair ever in the state.
Places all over do this so it's not just us.

Ok, now that that's out of my system, let's get to the good stuff.

My first Tulsa Fair experience was with my cousin, Ashley, two years ago. 
This year, Ashley and I are going to take Sis and her family for their first Tulsa Fair experience and I'm giddy as a little school girl.

There is no better person to go to the fair with than Ashley.
Her excitement level is absolutely contagious.
This skinny gal makes a list of all the foods she wants to try and goes several times to make sure she checks them all off the list.
No joke.

Here are some of our pictures of our food tour when we went in 2010.
We LOVE food on a stick.
It helps if said item is fried.

When Ash first asked if I'd had cheese on a stick I was imagining a mozzarella cheese stick on a stick. Boy was I wrong.  It's with american cheese and is like a grilled cheese on a stick.
That there is a gift from tiny baby Jesus.

This year, cheese on a stick and corn on the cob are a must.
The corn is especially required because it's one of my nephew, Grant's, favorite foods.  He could eat his weight in corn on the cob.
If you haven't seen a 1 year old eat corn on the cob, it's amusing.

The local paper published a list of some new items being featured this year.

Here are some I'm intrigued to try:
Beer-battered bacon (bacon anything is a must)
Deep-fried Nutter Butters (love me some peanut butter)
Carrot cake funnel cake (if this thing has cream cheese involved I'm there!)
Cheese jalapeno tater munchers (mmm!)
Pumpkin spice balls on a stick (I'm intrigued)

Here are some things I have no desire on God's green earth to try EVER:
Chocolate-covered corndogs
Armadillo eggs: chocolate dipped and stuffed fried jalapenos
Fried watermelon
Fried bubble gum

The other fun aspect of the Tulsa Fair is the people watching.  
It's like the "People of Walmart" converging on a fair.  

Everyone has been instructed to have their camera phones at the ready to capture both the food and the people watching.

Next week, expect a full recap of the feast and festivities.
Great food.
Great family.
Great fun.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Deep fried watermelon? How I'm confused.

    And I will give him a run for his money with this corn eating. I could eat it alllllll day long.

  2. Any spiced ball on a stick has to be good;) Enjoy the fair!

  3. Hope you have fun.... I was going to tease you about eating corn on the cop! But... could be fun! :)

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of you stuffing your face.

    Shit n' stuff.


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