Friday, October 26, 2012

With this being the last weekend before our beloved Halloween, I'm sharing links to all my Halloween projects in case you might need an idea for a last minute decorations, party ideas, or even a costume.  The links to the original posts/tutorials are the titles above the pictures. Enjoy!

This post was an amazing success.
It's been pinned to Pinterest over 2000 times!

These only take 3 fat quarters each and the pattern is very easy to read.

Trick or Treat Paintings

The tutorial for these was very easy to follow and fun to paint as a group.

These are great for a Halloween party.
They sat in the cooler all evening and the tape never
came off.  Super simple to make too!

These decorations were super cheap and packed a big punch.

I certainly hope you have a fun and safe weekend, 
especially if you're doing any Halloween partying!



  1. You are such a crafty person! Love every single one of these. I'm following now! Hope you'll follow me too :)

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