Friday, October 5, 2012

Tonight is a very magical night.
You see, it's one of the best nights of the year.

No, it's not my birthday.
It's obviously not Halloween or Christmas.

Do you know why today's so special?
I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

It's the annual

This magical night includes the following: the PRCA rodeo, men in tight Wranglers, a Jake Owen concert, men in tight wranglers, 44 oz driller men beers, and cocktails.
Did I mention men in tight Wranglers?

The men of the group wear jeans, boots and the biggest buckle they can get their hands on.  

This is the night the girls get all dolled up with our best boots, great jeans, pearl snap shirts, and add in a few hundred rhinestones.  

We break out the aerosol hairspray, 
teasing combs, 
and hot rollers 
so we can "jack our hair to Jesus."  
The bigger the better!
It is "Big Hair Night" after all.

As Sarah reminded us, "The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus (if you aren't a fire hazard, you don't have enough hair spray on)."

And LB sent out a notice to us gals this morning saying, "Due to the weather we are experiencing today, I wanted to remind y'all of the importance of hair spray today. If you think you've sprayed enough, spray again. So let's tell Mother Nature who's boss because the only thing it's going to be raining tonight is MEN (or cowboys)!"

God, I sure do love these gals.
So. Much. FUN!

Last year, Erin posted this picture of her 
"Rodeo Prep Kit" the day of Big Hair Night.
The kit includes:
Big hair supplies: hair spray, teasing comb, bump it, brush,etc.
Not one, but two 5-hour Energy shots
Water to hydrate before the beer/cocktails

Sarah was kind enough to send us a couple of other reminders about tonight:
* There is no such thing as too many driller men or sequins.
* Pictures that inappropriately feature boobs, driller men, and corndogs are regrettable (no matter how hilarious it is at the time).
There were other notes, but some of our secrets stay secrets for a reason.

Let me break  the night down for you in a little mathematical equation...
Amazeballs great company
aerosol hairspray
cowboys in tight jeans
Jake Owen
cocktails & driller man beers
fair food
a ton of laughs
One of the most magical nights of the year!

I want the fun to start now.
Can it be 5 o'clock now?!!?



  1. OMG...This is a TEXAS Girls DREAM!!! I so wish I was there!!!

    You rock your big hair girl and get one of those cowboys!! :)

  2. Must show pictures!!!! Sounds like a fun event.

  3. Haha I can't handle this. You belong in that area of the state fair eating those weirdly named things. I love it.


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