Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gents.
(I happen to know there are several gents 
who are loyal readers. Thank you, boys!)

I have been a busy little beaver making some new wreaths.
I love getting orders because it 
gives me an opportunity to create fun new designs.

Here are the newest additions to Jazzy Jen's:

Miss Sarah ordered a large 
University of Tulsa wreath.
 This was so much fun to work on because 
I knew Sarah would appreciate some feathers and glitter.
 I can't wait to deliver it to her tomorrow.

Miss Stacy ordered a small 
University of Oklahoma wreath.
 I loved working in the mixed media to create 
the different flowers for her wreath.
I'm actually delivering her wreath today!

And lastly, I have little Baby Hart's wreath for her nursery!
Jimmy and Shanda are decorating her nursery in pink, aqua and red.  
 I asked how girly I could make it and they both gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted.  Well, I hope they know that means another dose of glitter and feathers!  Gotta start this little girl out in frilly style.  
Pretty sassy, right?

These are all being add in as samples on Jazzy Jen's.
I have my first batch of wreaths to be shipped next. 
Once I have those shipping rates worked out, 
Jazzy Jen's will be up and running!

You can see some of my other creations here:

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  1. these are great, I love the baby one :)

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