Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We have been so busy crafting since Auntie P arrived a week ago!
Painting, canning, beading, sewing, gluing, cutting, and the list goes on and on.
You all will be blessed with so many posts recapping projects of this visit, you'll be sick of us in no time.

When I saw this painting tutorial by Deb,  from Lake Girl Paints, I just knew we had to try it as one of our projects.    
First off, let me say, Deb's tutorial is FANTASTIC and easy to follow.
None of us are painters, but we were willing to give it a try.
Don't let not being a painter hold you back from trying this craft.

(Because I'm a craftaholic, I happened to have canvases, paints and brushes on hand.  If you're not a craft hoarder like me, you can get the canvases on the cheap at Michaels.  Their value pack canvases are $20 for five 16x20 or ten 8x10 canvases.  You only need white, black, orange & a tiny bit of brown paint.)

We sat down at the dining room table to get our painting on.  The 1st step we did was painting the canvas white.  The 2nd step was to yell at Larry, my cat, for walking across them and getting white paw prints all over my table.  
Good times.  After that hurdle, we were on a roll.  

Sis and I have a lot in common, but a love of crafting is not one of them.  Crafting totally stresses her out.  It was a lot of fun to see her loosen up and relax a bit while working on this project.  
We didn't have Deb's template available to print for the lettering so we had to wing it.  I'd say we did GREAT!

I love that they're all the same painting,
but each has its own little differences.
Bethany's painting
Auntie P's painting
my painting
We all agreed they looked better the next day after we'd stopped obsessing about the imperfections.  We had fun working on other projects while we waited for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.  Well, Auntie P and Sis worked on another project.  I helped us pass the drying time by reading them my favorite posts from The Management on A Prince and Prozac.  She had us in stitches!

A big ol' thank you to Deb for sharing her tutorial

What do you all think?
Not too shabby, right?

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  1. the paintings turned out wonderfully! I'm jealous that you're painting for fun and I'm busy painting over patched nail holes in drywall. ugh.

    also, you make me feel like a blogging celebrity, and for that I am very thankful, because shit, I love me some attention. ;)

  2. Nice work. I was going to do a craft this weekend, too, but it involved a drill bit. I called it when I had to take it beyond a glue gun.

  3. That made my week! You girls are great.
    They look awesome. It sounds like such a fun weekend.
    So glad you shared your good times with us,

  4. im jealous of all your gluing cutting sewing....lucky girl.


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