Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Friday I shared with you all my
Well, we went and a great time was had by all.

I'm going to warn you, this post is EXTREMELY picture heavy.
It may clog your arteries as well. 
I know we could feel ours clogging as we went through the day, 
but that didn't stop us.

I'll split this post in three sections: fair food, 
people watching and our goofy asses.
All were spectacular and as a group we captured some great moments.

This is the group list of food we tried.
Don't judge.
It's the fair.

Chicken fried bacon
You're reading that sign right.
How can we make this any worse for you?
I know! Let's serve it with gravy!
Yes, it really was a gift from little baby Jesus.

Steak and potatoes
Ashley's first stop. She literally ran to the stand.
She visits this stand every year to honor her mom.
I stole a bite and it was pretty good.

Fried pickles and hush puppies
I'm not a fried pickle fan,
but I love me some hush puppies!

Roasted corn
Hey, lil dude, I think you're eating that wrong.
Let Aunt Sissy and Ashley show you how it's done.
He's still not quite sure.
What, dad? I've got this thing handled now.
Look how much I've eaten!

Fried cheese on a stick
Fried Velveeta? Yes, please!
Gotta love the traditional picture.

Chris even joined in the fun with a corndog.
Tyra would be impressed with his smizing.

Driller Man beer
Chris is officially a Tulsan now that he's
had beer from a Driller Man!

Bloomin' onion
Onion anyone?

Fried Oreos
We were pretty damn full at this point,
but who can resist some more fried  Oreos?
1st fried oreo at age 1? Why not?

Fried Twinkies
Chris captured this great pic of Ashley getting into her Fried Twinkie.
She shared it with me and he captured this lovely picture.

Fried Nutter Butters
They were pretty freakin' yummy.

Turtle funnel cake (funnel cake covered in chocolate, caramel, pecans and whipped cream)
We were so excited for this one we forgot to
take a picture until we were half way thru with it.
Turn about's fair play!
Even Grant liked the funnel cake.

Favor burst ice cream cones
We hadn't had a flavor blast cone since the
Woodland Park Zoo over a year ago. Delicious!
None of us could sit up straight in the car.
Our bellies hurt.
Shocking, I know.
I think I could have hibernated for a week.

The second best part of the fair...the people watching.
And we're rude enough to take pictures of people.
I'm especially rude by posting these pictures for God and you all to see.
I'll be in the first class basket to hell, no worries.
If these are people you know, I'm sorry. Kind of.
Now, enjoy.
Some days the fair just calls for fancy,
and by fancy I mean this cut out shirt.
Also, this lovely number with the stroller.
Care for a close up of those tatts?
Couldn't resist the winged fairy with her lady bits
covered in ivy tip toeing in the stars.
Whoever told her a nude tank top was a good idea lied to her.
Also, did you notice the cell phone/cigarette box in the bra?
Chris said he counted 42 cents in there.
Again, some days the fair
calls for your fanciest hat.

Had enough of the pictures?
But wait, there's more!
We don't just laugh at others.
We totally laugh at ourselves because we are a pretty goofy bunch.  
At least we think so.
Here are some of our silly moments.
We try on animal hats...
Hey, girl! Hey!
And more hats...
And more hats.
And super blinged out belts that weigh 85 lbs.
We mimic the wildly inappropriate doll face.
We test mattresses for their spoonability.
We drink from cups as big as our heads.
We make silly faces while we dance.
What makes a buck wine caddy classier?
Using it for Bud Light bottles, of course.
We DO NOT eat BBQ parfait's
from a place called Moink Balls.
Sounds disgusting on so many levels.
We also notice that we don't serve
sugar free lemonade in Oklahoma.
We serve diabetic lemonade.
But most importantly, we smile, laugh
and have a great time with our family.
A big THANK YOU to Bethany, Chris, Grant, and Ashley for making the fair so much fun this year. I love making memories with my family.

PS: I have a tummy ache just looking at all those food pictures again.

Do you go to your local fair?
What's your favorite thing to eat or see?

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  1. Wow! I hope you were there for like 17 hours in order to have eaten all that food! Some of it looked delicious but the combination of it all made my stomach hurt just a little bit. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

    I love keeping up with your adventures!

  2. Woman in the nude shirt made me spit out my coffee! Oh my good gracious, what was she thinking! Once I saw a woman with no pants on, I took 3 double takes just to realize it was actually an African American woman with nude leggings on. BARF

  3. Oh you guys had too much fun - I so love fairs! Looks like tons of great eats ~


  4. Hahaha diebetic lemonade and mount balls? Where the hell do you come from?! I WANT FRIED PICKLES!!!

  5. I love your new layout! Was this a state fair or a fried food fair? Sheesh!! My most exotic fried item has been fried oreos, I obviously need to step my game up lol

  6. Hey..those people were asking for it. You don't dress like that and go out in public thinking you look good. I mean seriously people buy a mirror!!

    I love it...your State Fair is like ours!! You need to come to Dallas we have..get this....Deep Fried Bacon Cinnamon Rolls...and my fav...Deep Fried Cheese Cake!! I'll save some for you!!

  7. I'm so glad you're a jackass and took pictures of strangers because I am still laughing.

    Girl I got full just looking at all that food.

  8. My God, I'm bloated just reading this post! Fantastic! And, I counted .47 cents.


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