Friday, November 30, 2012

I've gotten so much blog love lately, I thought I'd share with you some of my all time favorite blogs of all time that I never miss.  You shouldn't miss them either.

In no particular order...

"The Management" is one of the funniest people on the planet.  No joke.
Never miss a post that starts with "And then..." because it's always golden.
Hands down, funniest blog EVER.  
(She's in the process of relocating her life back home so she's not been blogging as regularly lately. Don't hold that against her.  Use it as a chance to read some of her classics.  Trust me, it's worth the read.)

Oh, Erin.  This girl is also a hoot. She's sassy, one of my favorite qualities in a blog.  She blogs about anything from her life in NYC to dating to decorating to Blue Moon and Guacamole to nannying to fashion and her love of boots.  Her humor always shines through.

Laura is fairly new to blogging but is taking off like wild fire.  She's a mother of four and blogs about her life in Texas.  She's got such a positive outlook on parenting, marriage, her wacky in-laws, and life in general.  Love her!

Michelle is unstoppable.  She runs Iron Woman races, is an extremely gifted photographer, working mom, and wonderful wife.  She blogs about her ambitions, her races, training, photography, her challenges with asthma.  I swear, nothing can keep this woman down.  I adore. Michelle.

Meg is a beautiful, crafty, sweet, thoughtful and stylish bride-to-be.  I swear, she's found her prince charming and is planning the wedding of my dreams...I mean...her dreams.  She hosts a great blog hop ever Monday to meet new bloggers, she's been wonderful to sponsor, she's currently hosting an ornament swap, and of course she's funny.  So, she's not only stylish and crafty, she runs a lot of swaps and hops to help bring bloggers together.  Does it get any better than that?

Good lord, where do I start with Shaylynn.  She has so many flaws: she loves Taylor Swift and hates everything I love (baking, crafting, glitter, puppies, rainbows, kittens, sunshine).  Oh, I am exaggerating.  A little.  But really, she is one of the strongest women I've had the pleasure of getting to know.  She blogs with such honesty about her struggles and the changes in her life.  She come across as dark and twisty, but she can't fool me.

Now, go visit these ladies and have a wonderful Friday.  
I already know I will be having a fantastic day/evening.    
You should do the same.



  1. Hahahaha I am dying over your description of Shay.
    Just dying. Because she recently sent me an email saying I hate glitter. And I replied saying something like do you hate Christmas and puppies and laughing too Shay jeez? So that is spot on.

    Oh and then then was that one about that Erin girl. What a bore the chick must be. I'd never want to visit her blog.

  2. Oh my dear goodness, I am so humbled by your thoughtfulness! And what kind words about my blog! So happy to have such a lovely blog friend! Xoxoxoxo

  3. You always make me smile...even as I recover from make me smile!

  4. you are dead to me.

    like a zombie.

    and i love zombies.

    p.s. i always get even.

  5. I adore The Management and Erin. They're both awesome. Will definitely have to check out some of the others.


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