Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok, just had to get that out of the way.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Sis, her family, and I met up with Papa, his wife, and some of our aunts and uncles for dinner.  

Sis and Chris decided that would be the perfect time to announce to the family that they were expecting their 2nd bundle of joy.  

I whipped up this t-shirt for Grant to wear 
so he could be a part of the announcement.

It was very easy to do.  I printed out the wording on a sheet of normal white printer paper, inserted it in one of Grant's old white shirts, placed it on my glass coffee table with a lamp underneath to give the light box effect, and traced the lettering with some fabric pens I'd purchased at Michael's.  

This is such an easy technique I'll definitely use it in the future for some other fun t-shirts for Grant, his baby sister, and my other niece, Sahari.  You can bet some will be "Auntie Jen/Auntie Sissy is my favorite Auntie" shirts!  

The credit for this idea goes to this pin from Pinterest.
ONLY CHILD expiring ... Me back before 98 hahaha the good ole days when the world revolved around me. Haha just kidding!
Isn't that a precious way to include the 1st child in announcing the 2nd?  
It was a huge success.

Congrats, Sis & Chris!

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  1. YEA...more babies for you to love on!! So did I read that right are they having a little girl?? :)

  2. Awww thats totally adorbs!! I want to try!


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