Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I absolutely love being an auntie. 
I'm sure you've gathered that by now.
Being a local auntie is even more fun than I could have imagined.
Nephews are so much fun!
My nephew, Grant, is so much fun to pal around with.
We wrestle, tickle, giggle, and have a grand time.
In fact, yesterday, while he was visiting his mom at work, he picked up the phone and said "Sissy?" (He calls me Aunt Sissy.)  So, Bethany picked up the phone and called me so Grant and I could have a talk.  We babbled for about 10 minutes.  LOVE that boy.

Bethany (aka: Sis) and Chris shared some exciting news last week.
They announced last week 
that they're having a....
wait for it...

You have no idea the level of excitement I have for all the girly things I'll get to do with her!  Bows, glitter, tulle, ruffles, bows, manis & pedis, oh the list is endless.  I get the best of both do rough and tumble boy things with Grant and girly girl things with baby girl!  (Now, if I could just get my brother to move closer so I could do all these things with his daughter that would be awesomesauce!)

So, this week's pins are inspired by all things baby and girly.

Baby girl will most certainly have one of these.
Pinned Image

Sis loves "baby legs" but they're so expensive in the store.
I'm sure we'll give this tutorial a try.
Pinned Image

And what little girl doesn't need some ruffle butt onsies?
Pinned Image

To keep the peace, I'll make her one of these in neutral colors since her dad and I root for different teams.
Pinned Image

And you can bet she will have a million of these super cute bows.
I'll be making these for the new baby and for my other niece, Sahari.
A little girl can never have too many hair accessories, am I right?!
Pinned Image

And instead of using these bows for gift wrap on clothes pins, 
I'm going to try putting them on hair clips.
Pinned Image

How cute is this little number??!
minky gown tutorial

Can't get enough of the girly cute?
You can find more of my "Girly Girl Baby Girl" pins here and all of my pins here.

Now, hop on over to see what Michelle at The Vintage Apple and the others are pinning this week.  

Happy Wednesday, all!

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  1. Oh man, I'm jealous! I want someone I know to have a little girl so that I can go all girly crazed!
    Found you through meg's blog and am your newest follower,

  2. Oh good lord I am so excited this one is a girl because I can't wait to see the crap you make. And by crap I mean amazingness. That football onesie? Can you make one in my size while you're at it because that is darling.


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