Friday, November 16, 2012

Let me just say, I am my mother.
I have become her and I embrace it because she was amazeballs.
When I was growing up she'd make me try on hats in stores.  It didn't matter my hair style, whether it would mess it up or not, or the occasion. If she saw a funny hat, I had to put it on.  Me being the goofball I've always been played along because they were usually very funny and I'm a nut.  Hell, she's gone and I still do it to when I see a crazy hat.

Well, now I do it to my nephew, Grant, too.  I didn't realize what I was doing until I was looking through my iPhone pictures this morning.  Yep.  I found a ton of pics of Grant in silly hats.  Want the proof?
He's such a good sport!

Also, he's even started doing it to himself.
The boy loves him a hat!

Shall we stop with the cuteness there?
Today, I'm blessing you with so much cute you won't know what to do with yourselves.  You're welcome.

Here's how his Bacon & Eggs costume went on Halloween.
It was a hit!  We went to our friend Cheryl's house for his first ever trick or treat experience.  Little did he know he would hit the jack pot!  She let him have as much as he wanted.  She's cool like that.  She even took him in, gave him pizza, gummy snacks, more candy and anything else his heart desired.  We headed out to see some of her neighbors and he took to it like a fish to water.  He was even leading his momma to the next house!

Shall we stop here?  
The other day Grant was sitting on the couch between his all time favorite auntie of all time (that would be me) and his mom (that would be Sis).  He was giving out kisses like they were going out of style.
I asked him for another kiss and instead of kissing me, he leaned in to kiss the me that was on the screen of the phone.  Silly boy!
That smile melts my heart.

One more little gem for you.
I'm saving the best for last.
And yes, it does get even cuter.
Seriously, can you get enough?
I know I can't.
Those giggles!
He makes being an auntie so much fun!

Little Dude, thanks for bringing so much fun and laughter into my life.
I sure do love you!
xoxoxox, your all time favorite auntie of all time,
Auntie Sissy



  1. He is SUCH a cutie!!!! I always have gummy snacks for spoiling cute boys, so bring him over any time you want!!!

  2. Love it. He is such a little ham.


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