Monday, November 12, 2012

Yep, I'm 35, work for a university, and have never tailgated....until Saturday!

Say hello to Brian and Tina.
They are amazeballs.  I used to work with Tina before she moved to West Virginia to marry Brian and work at West Virginia University   They flew in for a long weekend for the WVU vs. OSU football game.  They crashed my guest room and we had a blast all weekend.

I was down for the tailgating experience...even if it did start at 7am!  Evidently you have to get up at the crack of dawn to tailgate for a 2:30pm game. Saturday at 7am came way too early.   

We got all dolled up in our game day gear.  WVU gear is hard to find in Oklahoma so I represented in some OSU colors.  
Tina was sporting navy and gold polka dotted nails to show her spirit. 

We got to Stillwater about 10:30 to set up.
I was clearly ready to get in the tailgating spirit.

This is Angie.  She and I were instant friends.  
Brian asked Tina how I knew Angie.  Tina quickly informed him I'd never met any of these people but would be besties with them in no time.  She was right.
I introduced myself to Angie as a tailgating virgin.  She grabbed my arm, threw it up in the air and yelled "WE HAVE A VIRGIN!"  I was dubbed "Virgin" 5 minutes into the day.  It stuck.  

Needless to say, I took to tailgating like a fish to water.  

Tina helped "raise the roof."
 Here are some of my friends and I getting into the "spirit" of things.
(Please make note of the nice lady on the far left.  She was there when I almost killed myself about 20 minutes after this picture was taken.)

Angie, Judy and I were having a great time.

At one point, Tina, Brian, and I went over to 
greet the WVU players when their buses arrived.
I don't care what team you're on...WVU players were a good looking team!  
We even got the Mountaineer to pose for a picture.

A liquid lunch isn't suggested.  (Good to know.)  Turns out you're supposed to eat at these things, so we headed back to get some food before I was taken on a tour of Eskimo Joe's.  I should NOT have been allowed out in public at this point, but for some reason Tina and Brian allowed me to wander about.  
 Clearly, I was having a lot of fun in Stillwater.
PS: I'm almost as old as Joe's.

We eventually headed over to the stadium for the game. 
and we had a blast!

I cannot share the events of the day without telling you about what I like to call my "ol' football injury."  Anyone else that was there would call it my "tailgating mishap injury."  

Well, I was becoming great friends with all the tents around us.  I was over visiting the gal in that picture I mentioned above around noon.  This tent had games and such going on.  One of those games was a game called "washers."  If you're not familiar, it's like horseshoes, in that you are throwing washers from a distance and trying to get it in a cup in a box like this.
One of those boxes tried to kill me.  I swear it was a foot tall and jumped up to get blended into the ground eventually and I tripped on it.  Really, mid conversation I backed into it and went ass over end some how injuring my shin.  To quote by brother-in-law, "only you would fall backwards and hurt your front."  
I didn't realize how badly I'd hurt myself until we got home about 9pm.  When I realized how bad it was, I went in the guest room to show Tina and Brian.  That's when Brian shared with us his perspective of how I fell.  We were dying with laughter as he reenacted the event. He was back at our tent and said he had a clear view.  What happened in a split second to me seemed to happen in slow motion to those around me.  I backed into the box, stumbled, did a twirl, landed on my shin on the edge of the box, did a stop drop and roll maneuver, went ass over end, legs were in the air...and then...I popped up with my arms in the air like I was a member of the fierce five Team USA Gymnastics team...solo cup in hand and all!  
 That's my shin that night.  
It's only gotten darker and more swollen since then.  
Yep, my entire shin is bruised.  
That takes talent!

Does it end there?  No, a while after I fell I was trying to get Tina or Brian to be my wing Wo(man) to go flirt with some WVU fans a couple tents down.  Brian wanted no part in these shenanigans.  Tina, being the wonderful friend she is, went down to get the conversation flowing. 
 I went down and started talking to the one I'd had my eye on.  He was a good looking man and was flirting back.  He stopped a minute or two later and says, "Are you the one who bit it really big over there??"  Me, "Yes, yes that was me.  Thank you for being a gentleman and for coming to check to make sure I was ok. Oh, wait, you didn't."  He said, "Girl, the way you popped up like you were accepting an award it was clear you were fine!"  He was most certainly right!  

Oh, and by the way, he ended up being married.  WHY DO MARRIED MEN FLIRT?! And we women are teases? I digress. 

A great big THANK YOU to Tina and Brian for showing this girl a good time.  I can't wait to experience some tailgating fun in WV in the future!!  I'll be sure to pack shin guards in my carry on bag.  You guys are the best!

Anyway, I have been icing the ol' football injury and I'm sure I'll be fine.   

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  1. YEA!!! I am so proud of you!! Once you tailgate you never go back. Hopefully next time you wont have any injuries.

    Poo on married men flirting.

    Laura :)

  2. Hahaha I am so glad I got play by play updates on this little adventure. I'd wake up with you at 7am to go tailgating any day.

  3. I lord, I hope your leg doesn't fall off.

    I always knew losing your virginity could be painful. Too much?



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