Monday, December 10, 2012

Who has two thumbs, an awesomesauce group of
friends/family AND had an amazeballs birthday weekend?
This girl!
Yep, sported the tiara for a couple days.  
No shame in my game.

Ready for a birthday weekend recap?
I'm assuming the answer is yes because you've read this far so here goes...

I met up with some family, friends and my fella for dinner at Baker Street Pub & Grill.  
I had a blast!
Cheryl was down there at the end of the table interrogating Michael.
She means business and he handled it like a champ.
Thank goodness Cheryl stole my phone and snapped some pictures. I was too busy having fun to think about taking some.
Michael, Sis and me.
Me, Suzanne & Jared
LOVE this girl!
She brings so much laughter & style into my life.
Jared & Cheryl
Seeing Jared healthy and happy and out with friends made my heart so happy!
Weston & Ashley
These two are must be one of the funniest couples I know.
Ashely, Laura & Kelly
I can't imagine my life without them in it.
My mom always told me to surround myself with strong women,
these are three of the best.

Ashley is a nut.
She's crazy.  Seriously, who do you know that would CHOOSE to be roasted for their birthday?  She's the one and only that would request such a thing.  We had a blast celebrating her 30th birthday the night before my birthday dinner.  One of her gifts was a pair of fleece zebra footie pj's.  I dared her to wear them to dinner.  I should know better than to dare her to do anything.

I died with laughter when she showed up to the restaurant in these!
Who says footie jammers aren't sexy?
Living it up on the dance floor.
Girl's got some serious balls.

Sis made me breakfast before we went to run a few errands.
She and her family gave me this mini pie maker for my birthday. I can't tell you how excited I am to make all kinds of cup/potpie/pie creations in this thing!  Just you wait.
Now I just have to get through my final so
I can give some recipes a whirl!
Michael and I went to a local coffee shop to hear my friend's Christmas show later that night. They put on a great show and they even sang happy birthday!
(You can check out more on New Morning Band here.)
It was nice to see old friends and meet some new people too.
Poor Michael got interrogated by April as well.

My bestie, Bill, took me to dinner/cocktails.
That man can make me laugh like no other.
I love you, my bestest porch worthy friend!!

Ashley, my cousin, came by to drop off my birthday gift and made me cry.
I've wanted this necklace from The Vintage Pearl for almost two years now.
LOVE it and her!!
My coworkers gave me this gorgeous flower arrangement too.

Between the four day festivities, blog comments, Facebook messages, texts, tweets, phone calls, gifts, cards, and great company...seriously...
how could a girl not feel so very blessed?
It was pointed out a couple of times this weekend how wonderful a circle of friends I've got around me.  I could not agree more.
You all make me smile daily.  Love you!

What were you up to this weekend besides celebrating me?!



  1. Hi, can I hang out with you and your friends please? You guys seem like a blast in a glass.

    Oh, and happy birthday, BTW! :p

  2. Happy Birthday pretty lady! My bday is on Wednesday! We are wayyy too much alike!
    Although, you look like you had a lot more fun then I plan on having:)

  3. Michael WAS a champ! After spending over 2 hours with April Merril reviewing non-profit and tax law, I was a little agitated and he never missed a beat!

    Happy Birthday sister! I am ever thankful to have you in my life!

  4. had a GREAT birthday! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!

  5. That little pie maker is about the best gift they could have thought for you! I can't wait for cup creations too.

    Glad you had an amazing weekend!

  6. Didn't I see that pie maker in one your pinterest posts? What a great family!! So glad you had an amazing birthday!


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