Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boy, howdy, do I have baby fever!
Not to have a baby of my own. 
Simmer down, y'all.

Let me explain...

Today, one of our law students brought in her twin baby girls.
We got to hold them, snuggle them, and one of those lucky girls got to fall asleep on Miss Jen's "magic pillows."  
I didn't want to let that little angel girl go.
I would have let her sleep on my "magic pillows" just as long as she wanted to, but there's that pesky little detail about being at work that got in the way.

There is something about my "magical pillows" that make babies fall asleep.  
It worked like a champ with Sahari and Grant.

So, as if I wasn't already excited about Sis and Chris having a little girl, I'm even more over the moon excited after snuggling those precious babies this morning.

And if you knew me ages ago, and the fact that I did NOT like children one little teeny tiny bit, you would be even more amused by this fever.
No jokes.  The idea of baby sitting used to give me hives.

Do you see what I mean now?
I don't have my own baby fever.
I just want everyone else around me to keep having babies so I'll have THEIR babies to snuggle!!

Here are some more fun outfits I plan on tackling 
for my future niece while Sis is busy baking her:

How precious is this little outfit?
little boy button down = baby girl shirt dress
These onesies look so easy to embellish.
icandy handmade: (iCandy) Vintage-Trimmed onesies
This will be perfect for her summer arrival.
Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial
And boy does this girly girl dress make me giddy.
pillowcase dress
Oh, I know she may end up being a tomboy who loves to rough and tumble and wear jeans instead of dresses or caps instead of bows, but until she finds that voice...she will be DECKED OUT in bows, feathers, and glitter.

So, until she makes her arrival, I'll have to love on sweet little girls like baby Harper Hart and the future baby girl Barton.

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