Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I haven't linked up with Shannon in a while but I have some things to get off my chest so here goes!

So What Wednesday

So what if...

...if I have my final in less than 2 hours and I'm writing this instead of reviewing.

...if my academic give a damn is busted.  I still put on a "go get 'em" face for our students, but in my own classes, I'm just so over it.

...if I got pissed that someone said I looked chubby in my tiara from my birthday pictures.  Lady, it's not the tiara that makes me look chubby, asshole.  It is being chubby that makes me look chubby, but didn't your mother teach you manners???

...if I marked the above comment as spam.  Her name looked like some weird business anyway, so BAM...your rude ass is spam.  As Kenya says on next week's RHOA, you can kiss the blackest part of my behind. 

...if I find pleasure in the misfortune of others on the show Catfish (and when people fall).  If your stupid ass is dumb enough to "love" someone for 2 years without laying eyes on them in person, they won't talk to you on the phone, and they sound too good to be true...(yes, I'm talking to you, stripper lady), then they're probably a shut in of the opposite sex trying to mess with your head and a little part of me thinks you deserve it because you head has been in your ass for 2 years.  LOVE IT!

...if I can't wait to get my December Glam Bag in the mail.  I know the tracking says it will be here on the 13th, but I still track it again just to see if maybe it will get here early.

Ok, I need to go review now.  This exam is not going to pass itself!
I'll try to simmer down between now and my next post.
I promise.
Now, go check out Shannon's post and see what everyone else is getting off their chests over at Life After I Dew.



  1. Good luck on your test..I'm sure you'll do great! And as far as that person who made that mean comment...shame on them and may they fall into a bottomless pit and never be heard from again!! SICK SCUM!!

  2. Who is it who made that comment. Point me in their direction. I will sick our brother on them! Though he might chuckle first, I am sure he will come to your defense. Love you Sis!

  3. Who the heck made that comment?!! Are you kidding me!

  4. Good luck on your test!

    So agree with the catfish show, lol

    New follower from the So What link up

    LouLou Laura

  5. I am in pain laughing!! I didn't look all that great with my birthday tiara either (especially that big 6-0 part). Good luck on your final.

  6. Eww who the hell did that because ill slap a hoe.
    That was the nicest thing I could come up with.

    Catfish leaves me floored every single time. WHY would you ever be so stupid!?

  7. That tiara comment IS spam! Just eww.

    I'm so over classes too. Thank God tomorrow is the last day of the semester. I'm pretty sure I checked out back in October.

  8. Hi!! I wanted to let you know I have tagged you for Christmas Tag!! Check out my blog and find out what I mean. :) Have a great day!!



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