Friday, January 4, 2013

If you know me well, you know I dislike Taylor Swift.
Not just a little bit.
A lot.
As in, I feel as though my ears have been assaulted and need to call the Special Victims Unit to report the incident when I hear her "music."

I mean really, who would date such a whiny young woman when you know you'll end up being the subject of one of her horridly whiny breakup songs the next week?
The answer should be nobody.
But I don't feel badly for the men because they know what they're getting into.

I digress.
As my brother would tell me, "Why don't you step off your soapbox and try not to hurt yourself on the way down."

Today's post is about Auntie P, not TSwift.
Well, in a way it's about both.

After Sis opened her Christmas box from Auntie P, she called to tell me she had some things in her box that were meant for me.  
I thought this was weird because I too received a box filled with hysterical/lovely things and couldn't imagine what more there could be.

The next time I was over at her house, she handed me a bundle with a newspaper and a magazine. 
I wondered what on earth these could be and why Auntie P would mail them all the way for Washington to Oklahoma.

The moment I opened the bundle up I cursed my sweet aunt.
This is what I found...
along with this note...
Isn't she a thoughtful little brat?!

Auntie P, my critters thank you for some new material to line their litter boxes.



  1. This is hysterical! Your Aunt has a great sense of humor :)

  2. That's hilarious! I loathe her as well; my New Year's resolution was to not listen to any of her music, to the point where if she's on the PA in a store, I will run out screaming. I popped over from the Sew Can Do link party; I was hooked after I read "hairy ass/wooly back men." bwahahaahah :D


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