Monday, January 28, 2013

 You know those weekends packed with so much fun you need an extra day to recover? 
Yeah, I had one of those.
It was delightful.

Friday Evening:
As I was getting ready I sent a text to Erin G.
(If you don't read her blog you're missing out.)
This is the exact text I sent: "Let's play a little game.  I'm going to send you a picture of me all cute PRE-going out.  At the end of the night I'll send you a post picture.  I always think I'm so cute at the end of the night but I know I have my own tequila goggles on."
She was totally down (one of the many reasons I adore her).

The first PRE picture she received was this one.
I headed out to meet up with my "Big Hair" group of friends to celebrate Erin M's birthday!
That's me with the lovely lady right there.
We enjoy ourselves a "Big Mama" on certain occasions (birthdays, celebrations, a Tuesday night, etc.).
We also make quick work of them.
Notice two things: 1) my rosy cheeks and 2) Adam, Erin's boyfriend. He's the world's best winker. No joke.

One of my favorite things about handing my phone to Sarah to take pictures is that I never know what other pictures she's going to take.
Such as...
Love that "lady."

After dinner, Bill and I went to The Rusty Crane.
It started out with giggles when Bill asked what "Today Time" was before realizing it said "Toddy Time."
Are you ready for it?
I totally stuck my foot in my mouth.
In a big way.
I had no idea I was this limber.
This gentleman came in the bar and sat next to me.
The picture doesn't do him complete justice.
I leaned over to Bill and said, "He's a real looker."
Bill leaned over and quietly whispered, "Jen, why would you say that about a blind man."
I said, "He is not."
Turned to look at him.
Realized he was.
Then we burst into fits of giggles.
I called a blind man a "looker."
Ugh, I really know how to stick my foot in my mouth.

Anywho, I got home and this was my "after" picture of the night.
It's appropriate that the picture is a little wonky because I thought the room was a little wonky.
Really, it was a fantastic night with even better people.

I headed over to help Sis and Chris move some things into their garage to make room for little Ava's "nook" in their room.
Then I was quickly off to meet Jermiah, Laura, and Megan for lunch and The University of Tulsa vs. Southern Miss basketball game.

At lunch I became friends with our waiter, Angel.
He's a hoot. Just the kind of person I adore.
We made it Facebook official before I left the restaurant.
That's just how I roll.
I had a great time over all.
Another great day in the books.

I spent most of the day relaxing, doing a little housework, making some new hair doodahs, and whipping up a crock pot of Mel's Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings (DELICIOUS!)
Cute, right?
More on these another day.
Luna was worn out helping/supervising.
 When I gave in for the evening, Luna proceeded to curl up on my chest and attempt suffocate me.
As long as she's comfortable, right?

So, that was my weekend filled with awesomeness. 
How was yours?


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  1. What's funny is that I never even received the after picture. That's how wonky you must have been.


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