Friday, January 25, 2013

This week's confessions are dedicated, and in honor of, my closest and dearest birthday girl, Auntie P!

Auntie P is the one aunt I grew up with.
All of my many other fantastic aunts lived across the country from us and I rarely saw them.
She's also my mom's little, and only, sister.
Now that mom's gone, having Auntie P around is like having little glimpses of mom from time to time. I cherish those moments.

Anywho, she turned 60 this week!
Doesn't she look amazing for 60?
Lord, she even looks better with no make-up on at 60 than I do at 36!
1st confession...she's going to kill me for posting that picture!

2nd, it was from Auntie P that I learned at a young age that you will NEVER become a woman unless you eat Warheads candy.
At least, that's what she used to tell us to get us to eat them even though I HATE sour things.  

I learned to truly enjoy eating at fun restaurants 
from Mom and Auntie P.
We used to plan trips and activities around what restaurants we wanted to go to!

I confess that I love to say the word "bung" just to get a rise out of her.
She's trying to grin and ignore us in this picture but that's not stopping us from yelling "BUNG!"

Oh, she also hates it when we tell her "no means no, but sometimes no means harder please."  Yeah, that one got us the silent treatment for about 10 minutes in Target one day.  Still hasn't stopped us from saying it again.

I confess that she also taught me it's ok to break rules to be a fun auntie.
I'm sure there's some rule somewhere that says not to feed ice cream to a 3 month old, but who cares.  It was fun!  And that's what it means to be an auntie.

Another thing to confess is that she's taught me another key to being a fun auntie is to let loose and be a kid sometimes.
That's why she's always been such a good auntie us and gamma to her granddaughter.

I confess that she also taught me it's fun to scare people.
Here, she was sitting in my living room early in the morning quietly waiting for me to walk in.  I nearly peed myself.

I confess that she, along with Mom, taught me that family time is the most fun time, how to let loose and be silly, and how to dry your panties with a hairdryer when you piddle from laughing so hard.  Wait, maybe that's something she should confess, not me, because I've never done it.  Sorry about that.

But most importantly, I must confess that I adore her more than life itself.
She really has taught me so many lessons in life. 
  • That it's ok to miss my mom because the pain will always be in my heart but I'll get used to it.
  • To remember the good memories and fun times we had together because we were so blessed to have so many.
  • That laughter often stops the tears and then we start tears from laughing so hard instead of tears from being sad. It's a great cycle.
  • To laugh until my sides hurt and then laugh some more.
  • How to can food.
  • That sometimes you need to remember to put sunscreen all the way down the back of your leg or you'll end up with racing stripes and walk funny.
  • That I can be a strong, intelligent woman, with high standards and morals, but I can joke around, be inappropriate, and still have fun.

I love you, Auntie P!
Happy birthweek!

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  1. She sounds like the best aunt ever!! I LOVE the "no means no, but sometimes no means a harder please." :)

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  2. No way!! She doesn't look 60 at all!!! Your aunt is GORGEOUS!


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