Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feel free to openly judge me for just now getting around to sharing these pictures.
I'm feeling sassy today (more so than normal) and I don't care if anyone is judging me.  
I digress.

Here is my December in picture form.
Most are adorable (or embarrassing) so don't skip any.
You're welcome.

I actually wore two different shoes to work one day.
Same color, but clearly two different shoes.
Even better, it took me 1.5 hours to notice.

Remember when we took Grant to get his picture taken with Santa?
I love the look of distrust on his face in this one.
This is how they turned out.
He was NOT pleased but I LOVE IT!

I spent Christmas at my dad's up in Kansas which involved being his elf.
I have a huge head and that hat is so tight on my head.
 We visit my cousin, Holly, in the home she lives in.
This is one of my very favorite parts of Christmas.

I captured this sweet moment of Papa, Sis, and Grant taking a walk out at Papa's house.

Papa made us pineapple pancakes like he used to do when we were little.
He even made mine in the shape of a bunny.
I think I might have been more excited for this than any other part of the weekend.

After opening presents, Grant wanted to put on Grandma's new jacket and Grandpa's light up safety goggles.
He didn't want to take either of them off.
Not even when he was helping his momma with the laundry.
Only 20 months old and helps with chores.
Also, he knows the word "bra."
This kid kills me.

Speaking of being a funny kid.
He got an art easel for Christmas and the middle part was one of his favorite features.
He tried putting his new pajama shirt on his legs over his jeans.
That wasn't too successful, but it was amusing.

He loves spending time with his Grandpa.
Yeah, he finally got some help with getting the jammers on correctly.
Grant was helping Papa with some work emails.

New Year's Eve day I watched Grant for a few hours so Sis and Chris could have a date afternoon.  Grant brought me his new Razorback's hat and his coat. I helped him get bundled up thinking he wanted to go outside, but no, he simply got in his car and puttered around the living room.
Such a goofball!
New Year's Eve, Michael came over to have a low key night in.
We had dinner, some cocktails, and watched some netflix shows.
Luna wanted in on the cuddling action.
I'm laying against Michael with my arm over his right leg and she hopped up, laid down on the other side and flopped over his left leg.
She stayed like that forever.
Yes, Michael is a saint for putting up with Luna...and for putting up with me...but that's another story all together.

So, there you have it.
My December in a nutshell.
Peace out and happy Wednesday, y'all.

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  1. Judging....judging...still judging you!! :)

    Ha!! I at first thought he was climbing into the dryer in that one pic!!


  2. Hahahaha the shoes and the damn Santa picture with him crying. Genius, just genius

  3. Replies
    1. Sadly, I had none of you. You need to get in FRONT of the camera more often.

  4. How dare you name your cat after a Harry Potter character.

    I'm pissed.


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