Friday, January 18, 2013

Last weekend, Sis and I were walking through a store called Garden Ridge. 
By the registers they have this long section of "As Seen on TV" crap.
I am not joking.
Total crap.

I was so amazed by said crap, I actually said, "I need photos of this crap to share on the blog."
See, I am a giver.
I think of you all when I'm out and about.
You're welcome.

Here is some of the crap we saw.

Have we gotten so lazy as a society we can't crack an egg?
We need a gadget to do it for us?

I wondered what on earth one could do to change up a vegetable peeler.
Well, by putting something on it to catch those pesky peels because putting them in the sink can just be a pain. 
Are you kidding me?! 
This thing looks more dangerous than improved. 

Not only is our society lazy enough to not exercise, but we're too lazy to buy pants that fit.  Instead, let's buy new buttons. 
Good lord.

Also in the land of buying close that don't fit, let's not bother with buying clothes that cover up our "titties" as they say here in the south.
Nope, let's buy these little gems.
You get 8 of them for $10 so they must be superb quality, right?
Also, "design can be adjusted to fit any height???"
Don't you mean "length of boob??"
Am I right?!  

In the category of renaming things...
"Tiny Tomatoes"??
Aren't those just called cherry tomatoes?
Does this special tomato shaped pot make them grow smaller?

Normal people call that "under the bed storage" to which this thing got close by saying it was an "under the bed organizer."  
Thanks, Captain Obvious.

A talking fly swatter?
Aren't flies annoying enough on their own without adding a commentary from the freaking fly swatter?
Only in Oklahoma could you find one of these gems.
Or at least I hope that's the case.

 I'm sure some men need a "handy shaver" but that's not my issue with this product.
My issue with this one is the man they chose to put on the package.
He clearly doesn't need to shave anything.
Also, do any of your hairy ass/woolly backed men look like this?
Point made.

These clever little graters aren't a horrible idea, although I can see myself accidentally grating the other hand.  
I snapped their picture because of the delightful slogan/instructions.
The picture in the background isn't enough.
You need to tell us we need to "slide on fingers and Grate!" 
I couldn't have figured that one out.
With the excitement of a "!" no less.
Thanks, folks.

If you own any of these products, please explain to me WHY?!!?
Happy Friday, all!



  1. This is fantastic. All but the buttons. I think I might need one of those right now...Eeek.

  2. WOW!!! My favorite is the talking fly swatter LOL

  3. I am so anti-gadget for food products. Why would you need something to crack and separate an egg? *sheesh*

  4. LOL so funny - there really are some dumb products about.
    I remember seeing a spoof of an ad for something like the Cleavage Conceal calling it a "boner-killing titkerchief" LOL!


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