Thursday, February 7, 2013

You know how some of the eCards we all love are funny, but they're even more hilarious when they hit a little too close to home?
Welcome to my world.

Exhibit A:
The eCard
Manor. @Jenalee Swain

Exhibit B:
My fridge

I rest my case.
Happy Thursday!



  1. Love the beer crisper! I need to evict those damn carrots and stock some Shiner. :)

    I knew there was a reason I love you so much!


  2. That is fantastic! In our house it's "Someone put vegetables in the beer fridge!" Yes, we have a separate fridge that primarily houses our beer. And, it's bigger than our regular fridge, Sigh..

  3. Haha umm this is always what my fridge looks like. I read the card and was like wtf is a crisper?

  4. LOL...too funny! That's why the inside fridge is mine and the garage fridge is his.

    Visiting from the GYB hop!! Just became your newest reader.

    visit me at AboutBloggingTime

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  6. Hahahaha! So funny, because that is how our fridge is and our friends make fun of us for it! Then I realized that my parents do the same thing! It's genetic!

  7. Perfect! At least the beer won't go off and make your fridge smell like out of date veggies do.

    Kate x

  8. Beer is super gross.

    Girl, I'm here because I deactivated the fb, and I am just so excited to point out the duet that your boyfriend did with your arch nemesis...

    The highway may not care but i sure do.


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