Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Short cuts, I like 'em.
Who doesn't? 
If you can do something the easy way, 
why make life a little harder on yourself?
I'd much rather cut some corners so I have some extra time to spend with my nephew, friends, and other projects.

I've spent a long time looking for a duvet cover or comforter that would work with  the look I was going for, but didn't cost $200+.  
Ain't nobody got funds for that!

Then I found Crystal's tutorial for a "cheater quilt" on her blog, A Little Bit Funky, and thought, "I can do that!"
So I did.

I've had an inexpensive down-like comforter for a while now.  I picked it up at Target on sale for $25.  I purchased random cuts of coordinating fabrics and some fusible webbing.  I used white thread on the entire project because the thread carries from square to square so I wanted it to blend in there.

I'll leave all of the how-to details to Crystal and her tutorial.  For now, I'll share my thoughts and lessons on the project.  

1) Taking on this project seemed like a simple task, and it was for the most part, but it was tedious.  Wash the fabric, iron the fabric, cut the fabric, iron it again to press the edges under, iron it again to do the fusible webbing, iron them again onto the comforter, THEN sew it.  If you don't like ironing, you may not find this project very relaxing.  I was soooooooo tired of ironing by the time this was done.  

2) I underestimated the task of getting the larger sections of my comforter through the small space of my sewing machine.  By getting it through, I mean STUFFING it through.  Oy, was that a challenge!

3) I initially thought I'd sew around each square individually, but when I encountered challenge #2 above, I realized that was not going to happen, so I went with Crystal's technique of sewing in lines down the quilt from square to square.  

But, don't get me wrong here, ladies and gents.
Now that it's done, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Luna loves it too.
I'd had it finished all of 5 minutes when 
she came over and gave it two paws up.
Get it?  Two paws up?! I crack myself up sometimes.

When the entire project was done, I couldn't wait to put it on my bed to see it in all its glory.
Cute, right?
I also love the fact that the back is still a basic white comforter that just has a few extra stitching lines.

How gorgeous is this thing?
The room is really coming together!

This project is being shared on some of these lovely blogs.

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  1. Looks great! And, you had me cracking up when you said "Ain't nobody got funds for that!" Ha ha! :)

  2. visiting from DIY dreamer. This is amazing. Well done getting it to fit under the sewing machine.

  3. So cute! I originally clicked on this post because it had the word "cheat" in relation to sewing and I thought I might be able to do it. I'll take a look at the tutorial, but this one might be beyond my skills (and I hate ironing :) GOOD JOB!

    Kristina @mothersniche.com

  4. I take back my last statement. I looked a the tutorial and this is totally something I can do! Yay

  5. It is gorgeous you are one clever cookie. But my eye is drawn to that wall art with the birds and bright orange colour, love it :D

  6. I love shortcuts! If you can do it quick and easy, why not!

  7. You did great! Thanks for sharing. We would love to have you share your quilt on our party. It is a weekly Thursday party going live tonight (Wed.) at 8:00 Mountain Day Light Savings time. We hope you join us! You can share as many things as you would like!
    Have a great day!
    Joye & Myrna
    The Busy Bee's

  8. love it, u also could have done the raw edge quilting technique for another cute look. would have saved you the trouble of ironing the edges in. great job.

  9. Looks great. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  10. Wow, this is really great. I mean I may even be able to do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    God bless and have a grateful day,

    Anita aka Nit

  11. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening!


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