Friday, March 22, 2013

Time to get a few things off my chest and link up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition.
Let's get this show on the road...

*** I cannot get enough of the Gain Apple Mango Tango laundry scent.  As in, I have the soap, liquid softener, and dryer sheets.  LOVE!

*** I've been in a bit of a gloomy mood this week.  Everything is fine with me, I'm just super worried about some other people.  

*** The Clorox "bleachable moments" commercials, you know the ones where the kid poops, yeah, they make me gag. Literally gag.

*** Ugh.  The elections are over. We're stuck with whoever we have for the next few years.  Get over it people.  Stop filling my Facebook wall with your political crap.

*** I'm hoping Adam goes shirtless at the Maroon 5 concert tonight.  I love a tatted up man.  mmmm.  mmmm.  mmmm.

*** Speaking of Adam, yes we're on a first name basis, I'm super excited for The Voice to start next week!!  I think Shakira and Usher were great choices.  

*** Speaking of The Voice, I will not miss Xtina and her craziness and boobage, but I will miss Cee Lo just a little bit, but not really for the most part.

*** I'm going off the grid Saturday.  I'm not talking to anyone or doing anything with anyone.  I can't do it the whole weekend because I have social events, but I will be off the grid as much as possible, including all day Saturday so if I ignore your call, text, or email, sorry, but not really.

Ok, I'll stop being a negative nelly and move on.

How excited am I that it's Friday/Maroon 5 Friday?
Happy Friday, folks.
Hope you have a fan-freakin'-tastic weekend.



  1. I always look forward to your list, Jen : ) And yes, the political nonsense needs to stop. Now. Thanks for linking up, girlie!

  2. Seriously I started to wonder if Christina knew that boobs went under the shirt! It started that we could no longer watch it with our kids because it was awkward when our little boys would stare at her!! :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!



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