Friday, March 29, 2013

Ready for some confessions?
I now bless you with some of the randomness of my life...

*** I swore in front of a pastor at a birthday party. (If my mother were in a grave she would have rolled over in it.)

*** I am taking dinner to a dear friend of mine with some health issues tonight and the dessert recipe sounded so yummy I made for her and one for me.

*** While stepping into a pair of knickers yesterday I missed, stepped down, tore the side of them, turned on the sewing machine, stitched them up again, and put them right on.  I love being resourceful.

*** I can't wait to run away to San Francisco in TWO WEEKS! (I have some delightful ladies to fill in for me while I'm gone to shake things up a bit.  Look forward to that.)

*** I bought super funny Easter cards for some people and forgot to mail them.  (Nothing like a late Easter card!)

*** Speaking of forgetting to mail things, I still haven't mailed Auntie P her birthday box and I feel guilty so I keep adding things to it.  I WILL MAIL IT, I PROMISE!

*** I think the rainbow colored goldfish crackers taste different than the regular orange crackers do.  

And there you have a peek into my wacky brain.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Funny Easter Ecard: May your Easter be as festive and colorful as a legal gay wedding.



  1. I completely agree that the colored fish taste different. My son refuses to eat them!

  2. You're not late in mailing the cards, you're just extending out their Easter celebrations for them! What a nice thing to do!

  3. Hope you had a great Easter...What was the dessert?


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