Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Friday I posted about Ace Hardware's Free Paint Saturday and how I'd used some of their paint for my hallway.  Today I'm sharing the anticlimactic hallway paint reveal.

I've had the paint for my hallway since the last time Ace Hardware had their Free Paint Saturday back in August.  Yep, I'm that much of a painting procrastinator. I think the reason I put it off so long is because my hallway is small, has 5 doorways and crown molding.  You see, that's a lot of cutting in and a lot of my least favorite part of painting.  

My hallway was a bland boring cream. Blech. So very boring.  I had a hard time choosing a color because 4 rooms connect to this hall.  It needed to be a neutral color, but it couldn't be blah.  I decided on Clark+Kensington's "Pebble Rock."  

Here is the before:
Boring beige.

You can see the difference in colors.

And the after:
It dried a nice tan shade.

And here's the "long view" of the short hallway. 
I couldn't be happier.

The paint covered beautifully.  
It took less than a quart of paint to do the entire space.  
I was very impressed.  
I have more leftover so I'll be painting my utility room 
the same another 6 months or so.

This weekend I was able to get enough paint for my guest room.
Maybe I'll paint that this fall.
I kid!  I'll be painting it soon.
I promise.


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  1. Ooh I like the new color a lot! And that little phone nook?! Freaking love that! I need that!
    I'm still anoyed that my Ace didn't carry the free brand. Seriously? Who does that? If your comapny carried something, they should carry it. Especially if you're doing a promo like that!


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