Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mardi Gras is always a good time and if you're with me and Lauren in a Mexican restaurant in downtown Tulsa watching a fabulous parade taking place in the rain it's even better!

I'm getting ahead of myself....This past Mardi Gras, I had dinner plans with one of my dearest friends, Lauren.  To be totally honest, neither of us realized it was actually Mardi Gras when we made dinner plans.  We realized when we were trying to find parking downtown to get to the restaurant and all the roads were blocked off.  

So, to start our evening off we did our usual "sacrament" of a shot of Patron Silver.  This little ritual has always gotten us into trouble, but we keep doing it anyway.  Lord, I don't even like straight tequila, but I do it anyway.  

Part way into the evening, we noticed a handful of people gathering in the rain along the street.  "What on earth were these folks doing," you ask?   I know I asked that question!  Well, they were gathering for the Mardi Gras parade.  I've lived in Tulsa for over 5 years and had no idea there was even a Mardi Gras parade.
We were not disappointed in the slightest.
Below, please find some interesting snap shots of the festivities.
The parade started out with the large rainbow flag for equality.
It was the most grand of the displays.
The flag was followed by a man in a white big foot costume dancing.
Just when you think it can't get better, there was a man on a hover round passing out beads.
Wait, what's that? A man pushing a shopping cart with poster board decorations.
Holy depressed super hero, Batman.
This super hero man was moping down the street, head hung low.
Ah, what Mardi Gras parade is complete without a marching band in Mexican wrestling masks?
The perfect end to this delightful spectacle...a random station wagon.
 Yes, lovelies, that's how we roll here in Tulsa.
It was amazeballs.
Then I went into the ladies' room and found this advertisement for the parade I'd just witnessed.  
Indeed, The Blue Dome District DOES know how to party!

Disclaimer: Though I found this event amusing and couldn't help but sharing, I do find Tulsa a great place to live/visit.  Here's a New York Times article singing Tulsa's praises.  We have fantastic restaurants, fun events, and the occasional silly moment.  Swing by and see for yourself!



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