Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last weekend was Bill's birthday!
Brace yourselves, 
it's about to get all kinds of sappy up in here.
Really, it's not.
Because we don't do sappy.

In fact, one of the cards I got him this year said something along the lines of, 
"You're kinder, smarter, and prettier than me...

That's about as sappy as we get.
Maybe that's why I consider him my dearest bestie.

Reasons I love him include, but are not limited to,...
**  he mocks me endlessly.

**  he never forgets something stupid I've said.  No joke, just yesterday he brought up something stupid I said 2 years ago.

**  he taught me the term "happy time" instead of happy hours because "we don't like to limit happy to an hour."

**  we find ourselves MUCH more amusing than some people around us usually do and here's the proof.
Our bartender...
(That's not really fair because that bartender hated us.  Most of our waiters/waitresses/bartenders LOVE us.)

**  he's taught me all sorts of wildly inappropriate acronyms.

**  if anyone would be considered the life of the party, it would be him.

**  when we have a shindig at my house I'm never worried about the neighbor complaints because it's usually him that is turning up the music louder and mixing the drinks and since he's the landlord does it really matter?

**  he tolerates my taste in music. By that I mean he never lets us listen to my Pandora or my iPhone mix.

**  he is one of the most supportive, kind hearted, generous, thoughtful, non-judgmental, fun people I've had the luck of having in my life and I'm grateful for him every single day although I have to remind myself of these things when the above events are happening.

So, Bill, if you're reading this, let's forget I ever posted the last one so there's no record of kind words, k?

***** UPDATE: Instead of a thank your or something nice, I get the following text immediately after posting: "wow. hormonal much?"  Now you know why I keep him around.



  1. Bill's everybody's sweetheart -- lucky you to have him for a best friend.

  2. LOL! It sounds like we could all use a Bill :D

  3. My Bill turned out to be an ass... and then he turned into my ex-husband. Glad yours fits the "bill" much better!


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