Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today I have a heavy heart and a lot on my mind so instead of focusing on that "stuff" I'm going to share with you some random pictures from my phone.

While Auntie P was here visiting, we were working a puzzle on my glass coffee table when I snapped this adorable picture of my nephew, Grant.
Later that night, we got a little slap happy and thought it would be cute if we recreated the picture with ourselves.  We were wrong. 

This was the sign I made for my front door for a party a few weeks back.
 Pictures were banned from the shindig, but we did catch "Ribbit" passed out under the bench with an empty glass.
The person shall remain nameless, but these are the entertaining tipsy texts someone at the party was sending me.
I saw this gentleman at the fabric store.
He looked like the "hide your kids, hide your moms" guy from YouTube, but with a raccoon tail and long braided thingies.
It was amazing.
I love this picture of Grant.
Thuggish hat, lowrider shirt, and no pants.
That's a boy after my own heart!
 You know everyone in the house has been sick too long when even the 1 year old knows how to use nose spray.  
(Don't worry, the cap is on.)
 Grant didn't want to take off his scooter helmet when he went home.
He's also not mad in this picture.
It's a combination of his "say cheese" face
and saying "I love you" to me.
So, there are some fun pictures.
I hope they made you smile.
See you on the flip side.

PS: If you could say a little prayer, do a little dance, kneel in a certain direction, wave a magic wand, or whatever it is you do, for the people on my mind right now I would most certainly appreciate it!

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