Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm on my way to San Francisco!
This trip is 1/2 fun with my bestie, Bill, and 1/2 a work conference,  but let's be honest, I'll even find a way to have fun during the work portion.

While I'm gone for these few days, I've asked some of my favorite ladies, bloggers and non bloggers, to sub in for me.
We are shaking things up up in here.
They're going to be a little different than normal crafting/recipes/my normal nonsense.
Get excited.

To kick things off, I've got Miss Erin from over at Two Thirds Hazel.
She is hilarious, adorable, and down right wonderful.
If you don't follow her blog, you totally should be.
Erin and are are blogging buddies so we've never met in real life but we email and text often.  Some day I will make it to NYC and this is how I imagine the shenanigans would be...drinks in hand, singing, getting crazy!
Sis, sorry I covered your lovely face with Erin's.
Without further ado...


Hello Crafty Jen fans, I'm Erin and I blog over at Two Thirds Hazel! I'm pretty excited to be over here today because it has given me the chance to do some confessing. I do that a lot on my blog. Usually every Friday. So I've decided to compile a list of some of my favorites from all of my past posts. Enjoy!

One: I contemplate moving out of the city just so I can get a puppy. But then I go to happy hour straight from work instead of having to go home and walk it and I forget all about wanting one. Until I find a picture like this and my heart melts to mush all over again.
Two: I will throw grapes away as soon as they become slightly mushy. They must be able to crunch/pop/burst in between my teeth or else they're goners.
Three: That I will forever be baffled by chubby bellies in belly shirts. I really do feel bad for the bellies.
Four: This conversation happened between me and my momma...
Five: I almost got peed on by a bum once. City living at its finest right there.
Six: I have started to take the four flights of stairs up to my apartment instead of the elevator as a "workout". I bet it'll do wonders for my body.
Seven: I look like a deranged hillbilly whenever I eat celery and peanut butter. There just simply isn't an attractive way about it. Stay classy ya'll.
Eight: I feel bad for any man that has to walk his girlfriend's "punt pass and kick" little pup through the streets of Manhattan. But it's a sure fine way to attach a "He's taken, back off Barbie" sign to his forehead without actually doing so. So hey, you go girlfriend.
Nine: Guys who use "whatever", excessive exclamation points, or winky faces in text messages need to, well, not.
Ten: I once found a nerd, yes the candy not the Geek squad employee, in my belly button. I discovered this little escapee about thirty minutes after I had finished the box. If this isn't the definition of fat then I'm not sure what is...
Thanks for having me Jen! You can come say hi and see some more randomness over here!
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  1. So sad, when you find nerds in your belly button *chuckles to self*


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