Monday, April 15, 2013

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I know I did!
I'm still in San Francisco so today you get a maternity fashion/comentary on Kim Kardashian from the lovely Suzanne.
She's a blogger, but hasn't been lately because she's super career woman/wife/mother/sorority advisor/friend.

I met Miss Suzanne while she was a law student at the law school where I work.

I was so proud of her!

Suzanne has introduced me to many great blogs (like The Bloggess) or authors (like Jen Lancaster).
She keeps me in the loop of all gossip and pop culture.
For instance, this is one of the G-chat messages I got from Suzanne about Kim K last week.
"Kk, honey. If it requires spanx, you should probably give it up.
I wore maternity spanx once amd it was to a wedding, at the end of June and it was more about protecting my thighs from each other than being skinny.
And that problem didn't occur whilst wearing a jumpsuit (likely not maternity)"

Do you see why I love this girl?
She keeps me entertained daily and you're lucky enough to be entertained by her today!


Hi, there! I’m that chick who has a blog, but never blogs because I work full time, Blogger is blocked at work and, by the time I get home and get my kiddo to bed, I’m exhausted. So, I then take a shower (because who has time to do that in the mornings), maybe talk to my husband for a few minutes and then go to bed. Yes, this is all by about 9:30pm. However, I have a good excuse. Almost exactly 2 years from when B Jr was conceived, my husband thought it would be funny to go and knock me up again so that I could spend my entire last trimester wallowing in my own puddle of sweat during the hottest part of the summer. Yay me! That being said, Jen has brought me here to talk about a little thing I like to call “maternity fashion,” also known as “Hey, guess what? Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t give you an excuse to be a sloppy mess” or “Hey, you are knocked up. Go buy some maternity clothes instead of shoving your ever growing physique into the next size (or 8 sizes) up.”
Now, I learned a lot during my first pregnancy. For example, a good fitting bra is extremely helpful and, most importantly, it’s better to embrace your changing body than try to conceal the changes or shove them into something that doesn’t fit well. Let’s talk about a woman who is (apparently) over halfway through her pregnancy. Yep, we’re talking about KK. So, here’s the “skinny” on pregnancy weight gain (for those non-preg/never been preg), for someone of average weight pre-preg, you are recommened to gain between 25-35 pounds. During my first pregnancy, I gained right at 35 pounds. I’m pretty sure that I took the idea of eating for two to heart, especially during the last week of my pregnancy (which was the week past my due date). I ate grilled cheese and cake like it was my job. I had the kid and, months later, realized that the 35 pounds I gained was 7 pounds baby, 15ish pounds everything else and 15ish pounds of weight I just gained (or, grilled cheeses and cakes).
Inline image 1
Left: Me literally weeks before getting pregnant. Right: Me literally a week before giving birth.

So, I was a normal preg. My belly didn't really pop until about 16-18 weeks and then I steadily gained from there on. I also wore maternity pants and lots of shirts (like above) and stretchy tanks, but mainly B’s workout clothes. That is one way to do pregnancy. Another way, is to literally eat for two (as opposed to the 300 extra calories they say you need per day) and to gain like J. Simps (who is really dressing to flatter her body this time. Good for her!) and KK (who is not). Let’s take some examples shall we.

Let’s discuss things that aren't comfortable when pregnant. Leather skirts and pants. Does any of this look comfortable? You have to pee like all the time when pregnant and tight clothes don’t help.
Kim Kardashian Baby Bump: Lots of Tight Leather and Heels!
Also, as discussed above, just moving up sizes is not flattering. Your body changes. Stop trying to give yourself a definable waist. You don’t have a waist when you’re pregnant. Unless you consider the circumference of your ribs right under your bust to be your waist, then, by all means, cinch away. I’m all for letting women be and to not make too much out of pregnancy weight gain (sometimes, there’s only so much you can do about genetics). There are amazing things happening in your body. Embrace it, but let’s not go overboard on making ourselves look bad.
Here are some great options for what to wear while pregnant. Non-leather leggings – Gap and Pea in the Pod have great options. Stretchy tops and tunics. Maxi dresses. These are all great options. Go forth KK, and wear leather pants/skirts no more. It will be best for everyone . . . not least of whom include you and your baby.
Kim Kardashians Bare Baby Bump.tiff
This looks fairly normal for 6 (maybe) months pregnant. Dress to accentuate this. Don’t hide it. You are a beautiful woman (no comments about help/changes/whatever). Embrace that body and work it. I know you can work your curves. Do it sensibly and not in a way that makes it look like you’re trying to squeeze yourself into a sausage casing. And also, take into consideration what your doctors tell you. 25-35 lbs through a whole pregnancy is normal. 23 lb in the first half is a bit much. Don’t lie. Tell us what you’re really eating. And, most of all take care of you. (So, this turned more into an open letter. Just go with it and try not to give me too much shit. Pregnant women are beautiful and you can be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Trust. You can do it.)



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