Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where did my happy go?  I have no idea.  Well, that's a big ol' lie.  I do know and here's where it went.

I haven't been depressed by any means, don't get me wrong, but I do feel like I lost my sparkle for a while.
I wasn't sad, but I wasn't shining and creative like I usually am.  People give me grief for being "uber creative."  "Do you every sleep?" "How do you come up with these things?" "Does your creative brain ever stop?"  The answers are yes I sleep, I don't know I just do, and it does but I also have a lot of ideas a lot of the time...USUALLY...but not lately and I have missed it!  Big time!

The first half of this year was a doozie for me personally.  I had a whirlwind relationship that ended as quickly as it started after a few intense months.  It was kind of a shock to be broken up with because I was everything he ever thought he wanted until he had it.  Yeah, that was confusing.  He was all wishywashy about not sure about wanting to end it or not.  I made that decision easier when I told him to get his shit and go because I wasn't going to be with anyone I had to beg to be with me.  I was pretty damn proud of myself to standing up for myself.  BUT...this isn't where the struggle was.  Some people thought it was, but it wasn't, by any means.

It was mainly school that did me in!  I am a smart cookie.  I don't mean that in a toot my own horn kind of way, it's just that school has come very easily to me in my ripe old age of 37 as a "non-traditional student."  It's not that I've skated through.  It's more that I haven't struggled or haven't had to put in a whole lot of effort in the past.  That all changed this last semester when I struggled in not one, but both of my classes.  I needed a tutor, there were tears, I got some bad grades, I stressed A LOT, and it took its toll on me.  A big toll.  I didn't try any new crafts, recipes, or much of what makes me me.  I lost my me.  My sparkle.  My creativity.  I had no idea how important that all was to me until it was gone.

Once the semester ended I had dinner with two of these lovely ladies.  (One of my very favorite ways to spend an evening.)
A gratuitous group picture because I have very pretty friends.
Sarah and Megan asked if I was ready to start dating again.  It made me realize what I really wanted in that moment.  As far as romance goes, I told them I was open to whatever happens in the romance department, but I wasn't actively out looking for anything because this summer was all about ME!  Me having fun.  Me getting my happy back.  Me getting my sparkle back.  I had realized how much the past semester had taken its toll on me and I wanted to spend the summer doing creative things, trying new recipes, traveling, reading pleasure books instead of textbooks, going to movies, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and loving life in general.  Basically, nurturing my creative and fun side so I get my sparkle back.

So, kids, that's what I've been doing!  And in honor of are a few teaser pictures of some projects I've been working on lately.  I'll share in more detail, with a tutorial of course, when they're done and given as gifts.

Did you catch the caption below the group picture above?  Maybe it's because I work in a law school, but I feel as though I need to back up my claim with more evidence that I indeed have very pretty friends or maybe it's that I just feel like you all could use a hefty dose of more pretty in your day today.  Either way, YOU'RE WELCOME!
I mean, seriously!  Look at all those gorgeous men and women I get to call my friends.  Lucky, party of one right here.

Anyway, enough silliness (like there could really ever be enough silly), have a great day!

PS:  Who else is watching Big Brother?!!  I can't wait for episode two tonight!!

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