Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One of the projects I tried while I was on blogging hiatus for way too long, was this tip from Pinterest.
I think we've all seen this pin from Pinching Your Pennies blog.
Cleaning the grates on your gas stove...All you have to do is sit and watch!
I too had tried just about everything to clean these nasty grates, but NOTHING worked.  That is, until I decided to put that old pin to the test.  By old, I mean I'd pinned it 2 years ago.  That was back before Pinterest even blew up to the world it is now.  Crazy, right?
See how dingy they were?  I'd scrubbed mine. Soaked them.  Tried different cleaners.  Everything.  But like I said, nothing worked.  This pin seemed too good to be true and too easy.  All you need are ziploc gallon bags, ammonia, and the patience of a saint while you wait forever for them to sit and work their magic.  

I took all four grates off the burners.
Then, I put them in the gallon Ziploc bags with a good solid pour of ammonia.  I didn't measure mine out like the original post did because I'm care free like that.  I just poured for a few seconds and sealed them up.
Then came the hard part.
You have to wait 12 hours.
I sooooo wanted to peek in the bag. bit I didn't.
I waited ALL day.
It was worth it!
After 12 long hours I pulled them out of the baggies, rinsed them in the sink, and they sparkled!  
I didn't have to scrub them at all.
Aren't they purdy (southern for pretty)??!
It's a miracle!
Here's a side by side comparison.
Amazing, right?
My only tips for you would be:
DO NOT use cheap zipper bags.  They will be too thin and will leak.  Use good, solid, thick, freezer style bags that are sturdy enough to stand up to the task.
If you suck at waiting, like me, I would start the process in the evening and then they'll be ready in the morning.  They won't be there taunting you all day.

Have you ever tried this Pinterest tip?
Did it work for you?

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