These are some of my favorite posts from the archives of Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures.  Enjoy!

The Best Pants is No Pants...unless you're hanging a light fixture:  It's my favorite because, not only is it my very first blog post, but it truly represents my style and my humor.

Back to the Best Pants Being No Pants...:  I swear I wear pants!  Most of the time.

Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Ass Tea Towel?: I know you've asked yourself that at least a thousand times.  The answer is yes.

Painting by Numbers: Boy was I ambitious when I moved in!

Misadventure Time!: I promised in the beginning I would be honest and share the fails.  The recap of one horrible night is proof I am living up to my promise.

Another Can of Paint Bites the Dust: I love a good "After" picture of a room I've re-done.  This post is a perfect example of what some paint can do to give a room a lift.

Busy Little Christmas Elf:  I went a little Pinterest crazy making presents last year.  This is the post on all the projects and how they turned out.

The Great Chair Debate: This $15 Craigs List chair has provided more than its value in conversation and debates alone.  Even the cat weighed in.


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